Tuesday 27 September 2016

[CLOSED] Outback Steakhouse – The Great Aussie Eat [MEDIA INVITE]

Outback Steakhouse @ Millenia Walk

Outback Steakhouse is an Australian Steakhouse conceptualise by an American company. Truth to be told, the people behind it done a great job, to make it so originally Aussie I got fooled all these years.

Recently, Outback Steakhouse ('Outback') introduced The Great Aussie Eats menu, inspired by the popular combination in Australia. So we are here to give it a try.

The Bar

Starter was Tomato and Mozzarella Bruschetta ($14.90). The crispy baguette, topped with mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, balsamic vinegar and green. Simple, refreshing and delicious. Don't be fooled by the block cut of the mozzarella that looks like parmesan, it was soft and easy on the palate. Combined with sweet acidity from the balsamic vinegar and cherry tomato, it will really kick start your appetite.

Tomato and Mozzarella Bruschetta

Sunday 25 September 2016

Aura – Swanky Italian Dining

Aura, a swanky concept by Il Lido group, a renowned F&B group focused on delivering quality dining experience. Located in the newly minted National Gallery Singapore, Aura occupied 2 two storey. The 5th floor focus on delivering Italian contemporary dining experience, while the 6th floor will be Sky Lounge, a place where you can chill out with the view of Singapore landmark.

Part of Dining Area and Bar

This time around we visited the Italian contemporary dining. The décor of the restaurant is classy and elegant. Once you entered the restaurant you can see the combination of dark wood tables with orange leather chairs, and the bar in the background with extensive bottle of wines range on display. Marble are used as divider in some part of the seating area.

Part of dining area - different angle 

Thursday 22 September 2016

[CLOSED] Kwan Inn Vegetarian – Delicious Vegetarian in Tanjong Katong [MEDIA INVITE]

Kwan Inn Vegetarian, a renowned brand name in Singapore vegetarian food scene. Originally started in 1990 in Geylang East by Madam Choo Hong Eng (“the Jackpot Auntie”) whom are well known for her boundless charity contribution to the society. By December 2015, the Kwan Inn Vegetarian food has grown into 6 stalls and 1 restaurant. The restaurant is set up to promote a more innovative and extensive vegetarian cuisine to the market.

Innovative Salted Fish Fried Rice

In June 2016, Kwan Inn Vegetarian and Jus Delish Group enter into a collaboration to further promote the vegetarian lifestyle and cuisine in Singapore. Moving forward, Jus Delish Group will be the managing partner of this collaboration while Madam Kwan will continue to impart her skills in the kitchen, chief quality controller as well as the brand ambassador.

Pickle to tease your palate

Wednesday 14 September 2016

Grissini – New Dining Experience at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Part 1 [MEDIA INVITE]


Grand Copthorne Waterfront has unveiled Grissini, their new modern Italian dining destination. Located in the ground floor, this modern setting Italian restaurant is inspired from the popular dipping stick / breadstick, originated from Turin.

Modern Open Kitchen Concept

Though the décor of the restaurant is modern, Grissini still served the authentic Italian cuisine. True to its name, appetizer here are breadsticks. They are freshly baked and crisp, served with sundried tomatoes, basil and mayonnaise aioli. It was just simply too addictive, I have to stop myself from overeating.

Part of the Dining Area - Check out the Breadsticks on the table

Grissini with sundried tomatoes, basil and mayonnaise aioli

Following the traditional dining customs, we started the dinner with Charcuterie Platter, Prosciutto Di Parma ($16). Thinly sliced parma ham, served with parmesan cheese and breadstick. The fig and fruit jelly on the side gave a contrasting flavour to the salty and complex texture of the parma ham.

 Charcuterie Platter, Prosciutto Di Parma 

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