Tuesday 29 November 2016

The Landmark – A Gathering Place [MEDIA INVITE]

The Landmark

The Landmark is the main restaurant for Village Hotel Bugis (formerly known as Landmark Village Hotel). It served buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner; as well as ala carte menu. The Landmark is a Halal Certified Restaurant serving Western, Asian, Indian and Mediterranean cuisines.

When you enter The Landmark, you will be greeted with the huge photo of Celebrity Chef Bob, who is the Ambassador of The Landmark. However, the Main Chef or known as the 'PRINCIPAL' is also a well-known Celebrity Chef Amri Azim. A renowned Malay Chef, skilled in French Cooking.

Cold Seafood Station

The selections of the buffet include: Salads, Pizzas, Pastas, Snacks, Cooked Dishes, Kebab, Roast Beef, Chilli Crab, Cold Seafood, Tulang Soup, Naan, Indian Dishes, Local desserts and drinks.

Pizza and Snacks Station

Sunday 27 November 2016

Melt Café – Taste of Japan [MEDIA INVITE]

Melt Café, Mandarin Oriental Singapore

Melt Café, the main dining destination of Mandarin Oriental Singapore is having a Japanese Food Fair promotion. Known for its highlights in Seafood and other culinary extravagance, the dining experience here will featured by Japanese centric menu from 26 November to 4 December 2016.

Salmon & Smoked Salmon

The highlights of the Taste of Japan are:

Sashimi. I had salmon, tuna, yellowtail, octopus with a touch of salmon roe. All the sashimi are fresh, generous in the size of the cuts and enjoyable with the special of soy sauce. There is also salmon belly, which is a must have for Japanese food lover.

Sashimi Moriawase

Tuesday 22 November 2016

[CLOSED] Montreux Jazz Café - Where Good Food, Drinks and Jazz Mingle [MEDIA INVITE]

Montreux Jazz Café ('MJC') is a product inspired from Montreux Jazz Festival by one of the Festival founder Claude Nobs. With his chef background and his passion for gastronomy and hospitality that leads to the birth of MJC on June 2008 in Geneva.

Part of Fine Dining Area

Private Dining Room

On 7th October 2016, the MJC Singapore ('MJCS') officially open its door. Located in Pan Pacific Orchard, MJCS is a venue for global citizen to experience the vision of Claude Nobs. To ensure the quality of the food at all MJC venue are up to the founder expectation, MJCS Executive Chef Derek Ang, spend several weeks in Geneva under the tutelage of Claude Nobs.

The Bar

Sunday 20 November 2016

[CLOSED] IZY Dining & Bar – A New Concept and Menu [ MEDIA INVITE]


IZY Dining & Bar is a modern Izakaya located in the buzzing dining destination Club Street. IZY served quality Japanese – American food and drinks such as sake, highball and umeshu.

When the word Japanese - American was mentioned, the first thing that come to my mind was Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto. In the Iron Chef show, he wowed the judges and audiences by blending Japanese and American ingredients and culture, with Japanese cooking technique. His plating is just so exquisite, you will not be able to resist his creation.

Part of the Dining Area - Counter Seats

The kitchen in IZY is helmed by Chefs Masaaki and Rinato. IZY Roll ($16) is one of the signature roll here. Shrimp and Asparagus Tempura are rolled with sushi rice, topped with spicy crab mayo and avocado spread on top then torched. You will feel the crisp, crunchy texture wrapped with moist sushi rice. The mayo has nice spicy kicked to it, filled with brainy flavour as well. Yum Yum.

IZY Roll

Thursday 17 November 2016

Zaffron Kitchen – Refined Indian Cuisine

Zaffron Kitchen @ East Coast Road

Zaffron Kitchen at East Coast Road is a Modern Indian Restaurant that has been serving refined Indian Cuisine since 2011. They have been 'crowned' the BIB GOURMAND by the Michelin Guide Singapore.

Be Naan The Wiser

The Wall of Fame

The décor of the restaurant is so modern, it can be mistaken for any bistro. You will notice that it is an Indian restaurant when you see the Tandoori oven at the entrance.

Open Kitchen - View from Outdoor

Part of the Dining Area

Thursday 10 November 2016

Kushiya – Japanese Style Grilled Food [MEDIA INVITE]

Kushiya @ Westgate

Kushiya is a home grown Japanese food kiosk located in Westgate Shopping Centre. Kushiya specialised in Japanese-style charcoal grilled skewers and Donburi.

The Menu

One thing that I catch my attention at first is the word charcoal grilled skewers. One of my favourite dish, especially when we are dining in Izakaya. A proper grill master will treat the meat with such care and attention, infused the skewers with smoky aroma while sealing the natural juice inside the meat or vegetables.

Beef Ribeye Kushiyaki and Chicken Leg with Scallion

Mushroom with Bacon, Asparagus with Bacon, and Capsicum

Saturday 5 November 2016

Kinsa Sushi – Xmas Set Showcase [MEDIA INVITE]

Kinsa Mosaic Set

Kinsa Sushi, the home grown sushi restaurant is welcoming the Christmas season by enhancing the popularity of Purple Rice Maki.

During the Tang and Sung Dynasties, purple rice was reserved only for the Emperors and inner circle as it believe in the health benefits of consuming the purple rice. With these benefits in mind, Kinsa Sushi brought to you the enjoyment of this purple rice in their menu.

Black Beauty

Black Beauty ($15.80). The purple rice has similar texture of the brown rice. It has the al-dente texture and slightly chewy as well. The creamy mayonnaise, three types of roe and the crispy fish use make the combination of flavour and texture of this maki unique and enjoyable at the same time. Best part, it is also healthy. Yum.

Black Beauty

Tuesday 1 November 2016

New Ubin Seafood – A Truly Singaporean Culinary Experience

 Fine de Clair Orh Luak

New Ubin Seafood is a casual, laid back and family friendly restaurant serving Singaporean Cuisine. The origin of New Ubin Seafood can be traced back to Pulau Ubin itself. After the government acquisition of Pulau Ubin, New Ubin Seafood move through different locations and finally settled down in the rustic setting of Sin Ming Road.

New Ubin Seafood - Great Wall of Ubin

We were introduced to New Ubin Seafood by our church friends Daniel and Michelle a few years back, and totally got hooked on the heart attack fried rice (fried rice cooked with beef drippings and fats) that was served with their US Black Angus Ribeye Steak. We got a bit overdose by it and only recently returned after hearing that they are going to move to the West. Yes, they are uprooting to the Hillview Ave and their last day of operation in Sing Ming is 06 November 2016. So we decided to have one last visit before it makes its' journey to the West.

Through the years, the cuisine of New Ubin Seafood has evolved. To make it simple, they basically served delicious cuisine that you can find in Singapore, no hold bars. Acknowledged by Michelin Guide Singapore under their Bib Gourmand category or known as Inspector's favourite for good value, they must be doing something right.

Part of the Dining Area - Air conditioned

A must order of course is their US Black Angus Ribeye Steak ($13 for 100 grams). Grilled to medium rare, it is served with the heart attack fried rice. The steak sliced to bite size, to make it easy for diners to use their chopstick to pick up their food. It has a good charred to seal in the juice in the beef, succulent and beautifully cooked to medium rare. Though it is ribeye cut, the steak itself is very lean. I personally just ate the steak with sea salt and caramelised onion, the dijon mustard that are also served at the side somehow seems to decimate the flavour of the beef.

US Black Angus Ribeye Steak

The crispy potato wedges is well-seasoned with cayenne. Fried rice is good especially with the combination of their wok hei and beef fats. However it does not feel the same compare to the last time. I guess, the wow factor was lost on me.

Heart Attack Fried Rice

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