Sunday 27 February 2022

Le Chasseur – Good Zhi Char

Le Chasseur is not a French restaurant or bistro, instead, it is a Zhi Char place. It has been on my food radar for a while, but I have not got a chance to give it a try until the turn of this year with two makan kakis

Le Chasseur
Located in Eunos industrial area, Le Chasseur occupied the whole canteen on block 27. One-third of the seating area is allocated specifically for Le Chasseur customers, while the rest are open to other hawker stalls.

For those who have never been to Le Chasseur, you need to go to the counter to get the order sheet / menu, fill it up and pass it to the counter or the service staff. It was my first time here, so actually went to the counter as no one approached me. You only pay your bill after you finish eating. For drinks, you need to order and pay at the drink stall.

Order Sheet - Jan 2022
Claypot Chicken Rice ($13, small). When the service staff brought this dish to the table, he also helps us do the mixing. He was gentle on the sweet sauce, therefore not all the rice turned brown and become overly sweet. It has a nice smoky aroma, accompanied by succulent chicken meat. The rice is a little over al-dente and you taste the salted fish in between scoops of the rice. Though it is nice, I find it is lacking the OMPH factor. At first, I thought the portion is small, however, it can easily feed 2 to 3 pax.

Claypot Chicken Rice
Ngor Hiang ($5). Crispy exterior, followed by juicy and succulent fillings with intermittent crunchy texture from the chestnut bits. It is very tasty and delicious; we ordered another plate so everyone got enough.

Ngor Hiang
Barbequed Cuttlefish ($4 / 100 gram). The presentation looks very photogenic; however, the texture did not meet the expectation. It is hard and chewy. I will give this dish a miss.

Barbequed Cuttlefish 
Bitter Gourd with Beef ($10). This dish has a nice Wok Hei, while the beef is tender and juicy. The bitter gourd is sliced in a way that only gets the flesh part, nowhere near the seeds. Not bitter at all.

Bitter Gourd with Beef 
Crispy Pork Knuckle ($30, medium). Crispy and crunchy crackling skin, followed by the rich gelatinous fats under the skin and succulent flesh. While most fried pork knuckles have a burnt part, the version here is just perfect. It looks great and delivers an awesome taste. It is served with a vinegar dipping sauce to cuts through the fats from the pork. A must-order dish here.

Crispy Pork Knuckle - Front 
Crispy Pork Knuckle - Back 
Emperor Sprout with Egg ($8). This mini kai lan look-alike vegetable is not my favourite vegetable because of the slimy texture in each bite. However, Le Chasseur stir-fried this vegetable with egg and manage to cover the sliminess in the vegetables. Turning it into a pleasant dish for me.

Emperor Sprout with Egg 
Preserved Radish Omelette ($6). When this dis dish arrived, we realised that we had most probably over-ordered, but you can’t go wrong with eggs. Fragrant, fluffy with generous cai poh bits. Yum

Preserved Radish Omelette 
Overall, with a catchy name like Le Chasseur, this zhi char place surely get your attention. The Crispy Pork Knuckle, Claypot Rice, Ngor Hiang and Bitter Gourd dishes are must-order dishes. Most of them are nice and comforting and I will be back to try the rest. Cheers!!

Food & Drink: 7.5/10
Value: 8.5/10
Service: 6/10
Ambiance: N/A - Coffeeshop
Budget per Person: $11 - $25

Le Chasseur
27 Eunos Road 2
Singapore 409387

T: +65 6337 7677
OH: Daily 11.30 – 15.00; 17.30 – 21.30

Friday 25 February 2022

DurianBB – Durian Master Class [Media Invite]

Are you a durian lover? Or have you ever wondered about the origins of Malaysia’s pungent thorny fruits that you can resist? Or what does this magical number mean D13, D24, D160 or D197? Or possibly you want to avoid a bad experience with that notorious durian seller? If the answer to any of the above questions is YES! This Durian Master Class by DurianBB is for you.

DurianBB Singapore
LD & I, together with a few “Makan Kakis” were invited to attend a Durian Master Class by DurianBB at their Singapore shop / classroom recently. At first, I thought it was just another tasting session, however, I was only half right.

DurianBB Mascot
Map of DurianBB Durians
The Master Class is conducted by Grand Master, Dato Paul Mak, Founding President of the Malaysian Durian Exporter Association also one of the founders of DurianBB in Malaysia and Singapore. While DurianBB has its farm in Raub, Pahang, DurianBB Singapore also bring in durians from all part of West Malaysia.

Durian Grand Master, Dato Paul Mak
While Dato Paul started his introduction, we started to tuck into DurianBB Musang King Gelato Bar. Made from 50% Musang King Flesh and 50% Italian Gelato. It is smooth and creamy, while the durian taste is more on the subtle side. I find it is missing the signature “Durian Smell”, like those in Durian Pengat. Having said that, it does not taste or smell like artificial durian flavouring added to it. It is suitable for those that want to try real durian ice cream but cannot “tahan” (withstand) the smell.

DurianBB Musang King Gelato Bar
DurianBB Musang King Gelato Bar
At the beginning of the course, Dato Paul will take you through the introduction of DurianBB, a brief history of Durian in Malaysia starting from Durian Kampong to cross-breeding of durian trees, the meaning of those magical numbers D13, D24, D160 or D197 and how that durian nicknames come about.

DurianBB Durian Passport
DurianBB Durian Passport
We are then served with a tasting platter. Usually, the tasting platter only comes in 5 types of durians. This time, we were quite lucky to have 6 types of durians. We are supposed to eat it from left to right, as with each pulp, the complexity of the durian will increase. While we are tasting the durian, Dato Paul explains to us the origin and characteristics of each durian on the plate.

Tasting Platter

1st pulp - D78 Sweetie
So instead of chowing down those delicious pulps like there is no tomorrow, it is good to take your time and savour the texture, flavour and experience like a durian connoisseur.

2nd pulp - D88 Darling
3rd pulp - D2 Dato Nina
Our tasting platter includes D78 Sweetie, D88 Darling, D2 Dato Nina, D16 Tekka, D24 Tan Sri XO and D197 Musang King. Sweetie and Darling are the sweet type of durian with a less complex texture. D2 is one of the oldest durians ever registered, however, it is probably the closest to the taste of durian kampong. D24 and Musang King are well-known in Singapore. Surprisingly, D160 Tekka is the most unique and complex for this round. It has a crispy bottom, moist in the middle and you can taste the fermentation in the pulp.

4th pulp - D160 Tekka
5th pulp - D24 Tan Sri XO
6th pulp - D197 Musang King
The Seeds Size
For the finale, Dato Paul will take you through a quick quiz just to recap the class and for the graduates, you will get a certificate. If you fail, you can always retake!! (Just kidding).

Graduation - YES!!
For me, the DuranBB Master Class help me to get to know more about the fruits that we are eating. It is an interactive class and you can ask Dato Paul questions along the way. He is not shy about sharing his experience and knowledge. Overall, it was an enjoyable 1-hour session and it helps me to understand more about the King of Fruits!!

DurianBB Master Class
Where: Durian BB, 462 Crawford Lane, #01-65 S190462
When: Every Saturday at 4PM (Please check their website to confirm)
Duration: 1 hour
Cost: $58nett (inclusive DurianBB Musang King Gelato Bar, Tasting Platter, Certificate & Enhanced Durian Knowledge)
How to Register:
Or Contact +65 9245 0788; or email:

Try Your Luck at DurianBB Claw Machine
DurianBB also sells fresh durian, durian delivery, durian party, curated menu such as pastry, cake and drinks made from durian. There is also retail durian flavoured products, souvenirs, complete with their mascot Derek & Bella. Check out their website for more details.

DurianBB Retail
Thank you very much DurianBB for the invitation.

462 Crawford Lane
Singapore 190462

T: +65 9245 0788
Sun – Thu: 14.00 – 22.00
Fri – Sat: 15.00 – 23.00
Closed on Monday

Monday 21 February 2022

Andaz Singapore – King Bay View Deluxe Room

Andaz Singapore ★★★★★(5 Stars Hotel)
5 Fraser Street
Singapore 189354

T: +65 6408 1234
IG: @Andazsingapore

Room Type: King Bay View Deluxe Room with Breakfast
Stayed: November 2021
Booking: Direct with Hotel

Andaz Hotel is part of Boundless Portfolio under World of Hyatt Group. A luxurious brand that provides guests opportunities to immerse themselves in distinctive experiences reflective of local culture. Andaz Singapore is the first Andaz hotel to open in Southeast Asia.

Andaz Singapore offers an unparallel and unique experience, drawing inspiration from the cultural crossroad of Kampong Glam, Bras Basah and Bugis, where arts and entertainment meet.

The hotel is located on the 25th to 39th floors of DUO tower, offers 342 guestrooms and suites.

The Rooms
Location (10/10)
Situated in DUO, a pair of concave skyscrapers and hexagonal windows are a sight to behold in Bugis area. Duo is part of integrated development compromise of residence, retail spaces, offices and Andaz Singapore. It is connected to Bugis MRT and a short 20 minutes drive from Changi Airport.

Sultan Mosque
Image Credit: Andaz Singapore
Andaz Singapore is right in the epicentre of cultural melting pot. On one side, there is Kampong Glam, an old district with strong Muslim and Arabic heritage. On the other side, you have Bugis, a place where young and trendy blend with traditional Chinese heritage. A bit further, but within the walking distance, you have Little Thailand (Golden Mile), Little India and Bras Basah. A true cultural melting pot plus a gastronomic experience as well.

Not forgetting, the DUO Galleria also offer an extensive range of dining experience. In short, you got everything culture, food and shipping. What else do you want to ask for?

The Gong - One of the Restaurant at DUO Galleria
Room (9.3/10)
Cleanliness (10/10). Space (10/10). Room Amenities (9/10). Ambience (9/10), Bed & Pillow (9/10), WiFi (9/10)

When you arrive at your front door, you will be greeted with a multi-function classical looking metal box, to tap your key card, inform the service crew if you need service or not to be disturbed. Plus, a hanger below to hang your delivery.

To Enter the Room
The room is super spacious, with an estimated size of about 42 sqm, with a Super King size bed, built-in sofa, a round table, TV and minibar complete with coffee machine and mini-fridge.

King Bay View Deluxe Room 
King Bay View Deluxe Room 
I like the solid wood build bed frame. The mattress has the right density for me, firm yet cuddly at the same time (8/10 in firmness). The pillows are great in supporting the neck and giving us a great good night sleep.

The Bed
Instead of the usual working table, the room comes with a round table. It is paired together with the sofa, giving it a holiday / family feel to the room instead for business function. Of course, you are still able to turn it into a working space as the individual chair is well padded and allow you to focus on your work.

Sofa, Dining Table / Working Table
The room entertainment consists of a huge flat-screen TV, Bose speaker and high-speed WiFi. Good selections of TV channels and the WiFi connection are uninterrupted for streaming and work.

The Refreshment Area & TV
BOSE Speaker
For refreshments, you have Nespresso Coffee machine, an assortment of teas from TWG, a complimentary non-alcoholic beverage in the bar fridge plus chips and chocolate.

Nespresso, Boiler and Teapot Set 
Cups, Glasses, Tea and Chips
Complimentary in-room Mini Bar (Non-Alcoholic)
One of the most impressive designs in the room is the overall bathroom set-up. You get a walk-in wardrobe, an individual cubicle for the toilet with a mini washbasin, a huge shower and 2-metre benches for your basin and dressing table. WOW. It will be a double WOW if they manage to squeeze a bathtub inside (there is enough space though).

The Bathroom
The 2-metre Bench and Dressing Table
The Shower
The Toilet

The Walk-in Wardrobe
The Funny Sandals "Stolen From Andaz Singapore"
While the room comes with floor to rooftop size windows, I don’t like the solar control dots on the windows. From the bed, you will hardly notice, but once you get closer to the sofa, the dots become a distraction. It is like having black dots in your LED TV.

The Bay View
The "Spoiler" Solar Dots
Dining (7.75/10)
Breakfast (8.5/10), In-Room Dining (7/10)
Our room comes with a complimentary breakfast for 2 at Alley on 25. We both choose the Western Specialities as our mains. The Continental selections of pasty, waffle, fruits, cold cuts, etc are refillable, including the beverages.

Part of Continental Selections
Western Specialities
Since we have in $50 dining credit, we ordered in-room dining before we check out. Food arrived within 30 minutes after we place our order. We tried their Laksa, Risotto and Baked fish. The baked fish is overcooked, as it tasted firm and a tad dry. Meanwhile, the risotto comes with generous toppings, however, the arborio rice is way past the al-dente point. However, the Laksa is a must-order here. The broth is thick, rich and spicy, while the fresh prawns complemented the fish cake and rice noodle nicely.

In-room Dining
I suggest you try out Mr Stork, the rooftop bar at Level 39 with a 360-degree city view if you are looking for a place to chill. We wanted to go back to 665 ºF to celebrate, unfortunately, it was close for renovation during that time.

Mr Stork
Part of Alley on 25
Hotel Facilities (9/10)
Checking in at Andaz is almost seamless. There was a queue during check-in, however, the staff try to expedite the process as fast as possible. While waiting, we can get our refreshments from Andaz Coffee Cart.

Andaz Singapore Lobby 
Image Credit: Andaz Singapore

Andaz Coffee Cart
Swimming Pool on Level 25. We did not manage to try out the swimming pool, however, based on the photo, it looks awesome. The same can be said about the gym.

Swimming Pool (Image Credit: Andaz Singapore)

The Gym (Image Credit: Andaz Singapore)
Rooftop Level 39. A must visit here. Even if you are not having a drink at Mr Stork, you should visit the rooftop level. Walk around the parameter, take photos of the view or even just sit down to enjoy the atmosphere.

View from Rooftop - Level 39
For drivers, the car park is located in the DUO Tower. However, there is no complimentary parking during your stay. You have to pay the normal parking rate.

Parking Fees at Andaz Singapore
Services (9/10)
The service team is very friendly and accommodating. From the check-in until check-out, we do not find any hick-up in with the service. Also, for my birthday, I received macarons and a birthday card from the Andaz team. Thank you!

Macarons & Birthday Card
Other Perks (8.5/10)
With this booking, we also received:
- Complimentary in-room minibar (provided once per stay)
- SGD50nett Dining Credit for in-room dining or dining in all F&B outlets, excluding Bar Square. Valid for check-in from Sundays to Fridays only.

Express CheckOut Box
CBK Verdict
It was a great experience staying at Andaz. Looking forward to our next visit, hopefully, we can experience the rest of the facilities. Cheers!!

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