Monday 25 April 2016

Lin"林" Rooftop Bar – Chilling out in Tiong Bahru [MEDIA INVITE]

Lin"" Rooftop Bar

Lin is a contemporary Asian Alfresco Rooftop bar located in the heart of Tiong Bahru. From the top of the Link Hotel rooftop, you will have a very good view one of the oldest estates in Singapore. A neighbourhood with its own characters while the rest of the area has given way to the modern developments.

The Entrance

The name Lin <> short for 'Shu Lin' which means forest in Mandarin. Align with the name, the bar is decorated in forest theme like. Surrounded with trees, complementing the Asian theme seating and statues. The standout item on the menu are Authentic Asian infused cocktails, delicious Asian bar snacks on top of the range of whiskeys and other drinks.

The Bar

Thursday 21 April 2016

[CLOSED] ChokChai Mookata – A Better Experience [MEDIA INVITE]

ChokChai Mookata

Mookata, the renowned combination of BBQ and shabu-shabu originated from Thailand which has gathered decent followers in Singapore. A google search to check for the mookata places in Singapore, the list can be considered very extensive.

ChokChai Mookata Shop

I had my virgin experience with mookata a few years back and I have been avoiding it since. The reason being it is slow to cook and I “hate” it when you bbq the meat / sausage or balls, the food just take a tumble into the shabu-shabu section.

First thing that I noticed in ChokChai Mookata is the bbq pan. There is a mini gate surrounding the bbq section, so the bbq food will not roll to the soup. Wohoo!! Something to look forward.

ChokChai Mookata pan

Tuesday 19 April 2016

Morganfield's – The Home Sticky Bones Ribs

Morganfield's @ Suntec City

Morganfield's, the popular American food chain originated from America Midwest that are renowned for their soul-food. In particular, their slow-cooked prime pork ribs. At Morganfield's, these pork ribs are also known as 'Sticky Bones', which are slow-cooked and smoked at the same time to achieve the mouthwatering perfections.

The atmosphere at Morganfield's represent the era of the 1950 in US. The wall is decorated with red brick theme, blues music are playing in the background, of course not forgetting the yellow colour old style light bulps that light up the place.

Thursday 14 April 2016

[CLOSED] Aryaa – Alexander the Great's Kitchen [MEDIA INVITE]

Aryaa Restaurant and Lounge

Aryaa, which means “Noble” in Sansikrit is the first restaurant in Singapore that offer the culinary experience based on the journey of Alexander the Great. His expedition started from Mediterranean, Middle East and all the way into Indian Sub Continents.

The Bar

Enter into the kitchen of Aryaa, you will be welcomed with two uniquely cuisine under one roof. They have the Mediterranean cuisine and the North Indian Cuisine. Each kitchen are helmed by a Master Chef.

North Indian Kitchen

Sunday 10 April 2016

Oscar's - Supercharged Sunday Brunch [MEDIA INVITE]

Get ready for the Supercharged your Sunday to power your week ahead. The ever popular Conrad Centennial Singapore Sunday Brunch launch a new look Sunday Brunch concept. Oscar's Supercharged Sunday Brunch available from April 2016.

Seafood Bar

From the famous Seafood Bar, you can look forward to oysters from France, Ireland and Canada freshly shuck together; Boston lobsters and other crustaceans as well as fresh sashimi. I enjoyed the fresh lobster, they are solid and brainy. The same as can be said about the oyster, where the velvety texture just glide down in your throat.


The carving station offered US prime rib, whole suckling pig in three different style rotated weekly, and the famous roast “London Duck”. The prime rib is just sublime, the herbs seasoning infused well into the tender, succulent medium rare cooked meat. During the tasting, the suckling pig is roasted Mauritian style. It has a crisp paper thin skin, tender and succulent meat, similar to the Spanish version of suckling pig. For those who enjoy goose meat, I find the Irish farm duck has a similar texture, except it does not have the gaminess like the Asian duck. I personally still like the Asian farmed duck.

US Prime Rib

Thursday 7 April 2016

[CLOSED] Fumée – Deli, Gastropub & Wine Bar [MEDIA INVITE]


Fumée is a multi concept dining experience that incorporate three components: Deli, Gastropub and Wine Bar. Brought to you by Helen Goh and Natalie Wong, the entrepreneurs who set up Habanos, The Fine Cigar People, the first tobacconist in Singapore 19 years ago.

Coffee Station and part of the Deli

Some Cheeses available for sale

Dried Goods for sale

Friday 1 April 2016

Spring Court – Three Generation of Restaurateur

Spring Court (Wing Choon Yuen)

Spring Court is the oldest Chinese Restaurant in Singapore. This iconic restaurant opened in 1929, has seen many Grand occasions, tribulations, World war and Economic crisis, however it remains open until today. In 2011, a movie Great World was released and it captures Spring Court (known as Wing Choon Yuen at that time) memorable years in Great World. In itself, Spring Court ('SC') is truly part of Singapore history.

Spring Court - The Menu

Currently, SC has made its home in Upper Cross Street, opposite Chinatown Point. It is not difficult to miss, as the blue colour facade and gigantic banners are just eye catching. It occupy four-storey heritage shop house, it has plenty of space for everyone though getting a seat over the weekend can be a challenge.

The Memories of Wing Choon Yuen

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