Sunday 21 December 2014

Mrs Pho – Just Like Mamma Used To Cook

Mrs Pho
Quoting from the website of Mrs Pho, “There is no Bastardisation nor is there any fusion on the menu here – It's traditional Vietnamese Food, just like how Mamma used to cook”. This quote itself says it all on what's on offer at Mrs. Pho written Anthony Bourdain's flair.


Wednesday 17 December 2014

Thai Village – Quality Thai Teochew Cuisine

Thai Village

Thank you very much to Ian Low (The Silver Chef), May & Phillip from Thai Village Group for hosting the food tasting invitation.

My memories of my first visit to Bangkok were the sumptuous dinner that I had in Yaowarat Road, Chinatown. Where you can smell the food in the air from street food such as wanton mee, bbq seafood or more exquisite Teochew influenced dish such as Shark Fin soup, bird nest, stewed goose web and suckling pig.

Monday 15 December 2014

The Bravery – No Signboard Cafe

The Bravery Cafe

The Bravery is a new cafe that treading a fine line between brave and suicidal. The owners are so confident of their products and service, they did not even put a signboard on the door, and let their presence spread through word of mouth and social media.

Communal Table with piniata

Located near the hardware shops across Jalan Besar Stadium along Horne Road, you can identify this shop by steel red chairs and sturdy tables which looks made the leftover of industrial steel shelf and thick plank of wood. The glass windows are covered with bright and attractive films such as red, blue and yellow. The interior inside are not much different, however the square communal table with  piñata as the centrepiece really represent the character of this place.

Tuesday 2 December 2014

[CLOSED] Ras Bites – A Classy Mass Market Indian Restaurant in Changi Business Park

Ras Bites is the mass market eatery concept by Palate Vine Group, which strive to offer up-market dining experiences that are truly unique in nature. Located in Changi Business Park, Ras Bites target market are employers of banks and MNCs who set up their outposts in the east of Singapore.

The Buffet Table

We were introduced by our friends A&M where they celebrated their son first communion here. On Saturday night it can be difficult to find this building as the surroundings are very quiet and dark. Not recommended if you do not have your own transport. Should you able to come this area, you will be rewarded with atmosphere closer to private dining, as there are almost no other customers and you will have their full attention in serving you.

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