Thursday 29 November 2012

Pietro Ristorante Italiano - Gastronomical Birthday Party – Session 1.

November, the month where my gastronomical journey begin. It has been the pattern for the last few year and this year is no difference. So we kick start the yum yum session in Peitro.

Located at Seletar Hill Estate off Yio Chu Kang road, near St. Vincent De Paul Church. As there are not much food traffic, the restaurant is quite empty during my visit on Tuesday night. We were actually greeted by Chef Peter Neo when we enter the restaurant. There are indoor and outdoor seating area, but we decided to go for indoor because of my niece. It is cosy, with special menu written on black glass, and nice Italian drawing on the wall.

The herb bread with Garlic dressing

We start with Burratina Salad, Ceasar Salad, Calamari Fritti. My other half and I are suckers for Burratina salads. We tried this dish first at Etna@Duxton and have been in love with it every since. A simple combo of Burrata Cheese (fresh Italian Cheese, made from Mozzarella and cream), prosciutto, greens, black olives and a dash olive oil. Burrata has a mild and refreshing type of cheese, so the pairing with salty prosciutto really gives it a nice balance. Yummyyy, it is right up there with the pairing of prosciutto with rock-melon.

Burratina Salad

The Caesar salad is also good. Fresh greens with croutons, cherry tomatoes, chicken breast, generous caesar salad dressing and thinly slices green apple really help to opens up your appetite. The calamari fritti is crispy on the outside and nice, juicy tender on the inside. It is well seasoned and you can just eat it without dipping it with the tomato sauce. It is 'perfectto'.

Caesar Salad
Calamari Fritti

Pizza Romana
For Pizza, we ordered Pizza Romana (Topped with mushroom, honey baked ham, tomato sauce, parsley and mozzarella cheese) and Pizza Quattro Formagi (Mozzarella, taleggio, scarmorza and gorganzola). The pizzas here is so thin and crispy, you will find that you can eat a lot and you don't feel full. I believe I can finish a whole plate of pizza on my own. The Romana has a very generous serving of the mushroom, with a nice balance of other ingredients. You can actually fold the pizza, just like you eat New York Style of pizza, but this come with a crispy part.

For Cheese lover, Pizza ai Quattro Formaggi is a must try. The combo of the four type of cheese, really so appetizing. You either love it or hate it. For those that can't stand strong pungent cheese smell, better clear the area and take a walk. Best eaten hot from the oven, don't let it cool down. We actually order this pizza, after our mains, as we find we are not be full from the mains.

Pizza ai Quattro Formaggi

For the main I ordered Cannelloni ala Fiorentina (Pasta rolls stuff with mushroom, and parmesan cheese ). Again, not for the cheese faint hearted. It is nice, creamy and cheesy texture really the highlight of the dish. A little kick of parmesan cheese at the end, really the highlight of this dish.

Cannelloni ala Fiorentina

Service is good and efficient. Lunch time promotion 1 for 1 dish, will give you a value for your money.

Overall, it is really a nice place for a meal at any time during the day. Price can be on the upside, but that is what you will expect if you are getting good ingredients. Crowd is manageable and the best part it is near my home. Thanks Chef Peter Neo for opening in the heartland. Really looking forward to my next visit. Ciao !!!

Food / Drink: 8/10
Service : 7/10
Ambiance: 7/10
Value: 7/10
Overall: 7/10

Pietro Ristorante Italiano
12 Jalan Kelulut
Singapore 809030
Website / Facebook: Pietro 
Op Hours:
Daily: 11:30 - 14:30
Daily: 18:00 - 23:00

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