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Mrs Pho – Just Like Mamma Used To Cook

Mrs Pho
Quoting from the website of Mrs Pho, “There is no Bastardisation nor is there any fusion on the menu here – It's traditional Vietnamese Food, just like how Mamma used to cook”. This quote itself says it all on what's on offer at Mrs. Pho written Anthony Bourdain's flair.


Once you enter through the door of Mrs. Pho you will wonder if you actually just step out into the back alley of Ho Chi Minh. The wall spray painted with names and phone numbers telling people who to contact if you want to buy this land. The dangling light bulb with cables hanging down from the roof top are not far from portraying of how people eat street food in Vietnam. Of course, once you realise you are missing flies and mozzies, rubbish on the floor and the soothing air from the aircon you know that you are still in Singapore.

Atmosphere like in Vietnam

Grab a seat, check out the menu and write down your order on the order sheet provided. Pass it to the service staff and only make payment (Cash only) after you finish your meal.

Child Height Table and Chairs outside

We started with Cha Goi – Fried Spring Roll ($3) and Goi Cuon – Fresh Spring Roll ($3.50). The spring rolls are crispy, full of juicy fillings. The fresh spring roll or rice paper roll filled fresh ingredients and wrapped in a moist and chewy paper roll. If you want me to compare, the fresh spring roll got my pick.

Cha Goi – Fried Spring Roll

Goi Cuon – Fresh Spring Roll

Of course a must try dish here is the Pho. LD ordered Pho Tai – Rare Beef Noodle Soup ($7.90) and extra Bo Vien – Beef Balls ($1). The broth is robust with a hint of sweetness from the onion and bones. The rice noodle is thin, springy and generous in portion. The rare beef are thinly sliced but slightly chewy as regular beef are used. I wonder how it will taste if it uses a higher grade of beef such as wagyu.

Pho Tai – Rare Beef Noodle Soup and
extra Bo Vien – Beef Balls on the side 

I ordered Hu Tieu Bo Kho – Stew Beef Noodles ($7.90). The meat here is the opposite, the cut are thick, but the meat are tender and melts in your mouth. It shows that it has been through a long cooking process. The rice noodle is thin and springy, while the broth not only robust, it has a little spicy kick in it.

Hu Tieu Bo Kho – Stew Beef Noodles 

The Rice Noodle
The most memorable dish that we found here is So Huyet Xao Toi – Stir-fry cockles with garlic and pork lard ($6.50) This dish might look simple, but it is fragrant and appetizing thanks to the garlic, pork lard and basil leaves. The cockles stir-fried until it is absent of blood but still juicy. Once you open it, dip it in the salt and pepper provided with this dish. Here comes the twist, if you add the fresh lime juice in the salt and pepper, the taste become completely different and improve significantly. Guess what, we also dipped the fried pork lard into it, and I have to say it will go down well with a plate of white rice. Yum Yum.

So Huyet Xao Toi – Stir-fry cockles with garlic and pork lard

Unlike other establishments that try to make a higher profit with the drinks, Mrs Pho drinks price here is very reasonable. The refreshing Da Chanh – Homemade Lemonde is priced at $2; and a bottle of mineral water is at $1.50.

Da Chanh – Homemade Lemonde
Service is efficient and friendly. The stunning looking manager follow up on the order and teach us to add the lime to the salt & pepper for the cockles.

Overall, Mrs Pho food are just delicious. Although the Pho is not the best that I've ever tried in Singapore, the rest of the other dish really authentic and make you feel at home. It is also value for money. We actually went back a few nights ago before I wrote this review and each one of us had a plate of fried cockles each in a finger licking good manner. So Mrs Pho, is a must try. Cheers!!

Food & Drink: 8.5/10
Value: 9/10
Service: 8/10
Budget per Person: $11 - $25

Mrs Pho
73 Bussorah Streeet
Singapore 199486

T: +65 9666 5514
Mon – Sat: 11.00 – 22.00
For other locations - check their website. 

Previous Location:
349 Beach Road
Singapore 199570

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