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[CLOSED] Yakiniku Azmaya – Kagoshima Wagyu Beefgasm

Yakiniku Azmaya / Omakaseya Azmaya

Yakiniku Azmaya (also known as Omakase Azmaya) is one of the restaurant operated by Azmaya Group in Robertson Quay area. True to its name, this restaurant focus on Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) while the other focus on Shabu-shabu & Sukiyaki. No matter which restaurant you choose, they are known for their Kagoshima Wagyu Beef Buffet.

The Electric Grill

Kagoshima Wagyu Beef are normally marketed as Kagoshima Black Beef. It is well known for its well balanced fat marbling, tenderness and full-bodied flavour. While Kobe Beef will win the popularity contest as well as the most expensive Japanese beef in the market, Kagoshima Beef rated A4 (the minimum rating to be consider as Wagyu) or A5 (The highest rating for Wagyu) should not be underestimated.

LD, QC and I decided to try out their BBQ $49.90 menu. The actual price for this menu is $100, however there is a current ongoing promotion has been there for a few months and no ends are in sight.

1st Round (Compulsory): Wagyu Kalbi, Wagyu Loin, Pork Kalbi,
Pork Loin,  Pork Neck & Chicken Leg (Marinated with Salt)

The BBQ meat menu consist of Wagyu Kalbi (or Karubi – short rib), Wagyu Loin, Wagyu tongue (not available on the night), Pork Kalbi, Pork Loin, Pork Neck and Chicken leg. For each of the meat you can choose the marination with salt or with sauce.

1st round order - compulsory vegetable platter 

For the 1st round of ordering, it came with all the meat selection plus a plate of vegetables. Azmaya uses the electric BBQ. While it looks a bit petite however it works just fine. There is a gap in on the grill so the oil can flow to the holding tray below.

Let the Feast Begin!!

We started with the Wagyu Beef Loin and Wagyu Kalbi. It was thinly sliced, so with a quick grill its ready to eat. The result is a nice charred from the marbling, slightly caramelised and melts in your mouth. Yum, its just delicious.

Wagyu Kalbi and Wagyu Beef Loin

For the pork, the Loin and Kalbi are almost similar to the beef. However, the meat will look slightly pale in colour, and not as tender compare to the wagyu beef. The main difference is the pork collar. Cuts is a long cube size, looks like a block of fats with almost no meat. The last time I had something similar to this a pork cheek in Korean BBQ place in Jakarta.

Cooked Pork Neck

To accompany the yakiniku, there are two dipping sauce. One is the lighter, vinaigrette dressing like sauce. While the other is closer to tare sauce, which are normally made from soy sauce, sake, mirin, sugar and sesame. My personal preference is the tare sauce as it accentuate the meat flavour.

2nd round of ordering

Shrimp and Squid are the only two option available for seafood. Unfortunately, we are more a squid people instead of prawns. Similar to the chicken, the squid was just all right. Tasted more like frozen squid.

Squid, Wagyu Kalbi, Wagyu Lion and

The vegetables selection consist of mushrooms, leek, sliced pumpkin & sliced carrots. Appetizers such as pickled cucumbers and cabbage with sesame sauce are available. Both of these appetizers are also good to order during the meal. They provide a good balance for the fatty meats.

Vegetables on the grill
Pickled Cabbage

Pickled Cucumbers
In total, we ordered 5 rounds of beef and pork, so you can say we got a good investment return here. Out of curiosity, we also tried Azmaya Curry Rice and Egg Soup. They are decent, but it is not something that we will order again if we are there.

Azmaya Curry Rice and Egg Soup

Our 3rd round of order

Located in the 2nd floor of the Robertson Walk, you have a choice of indoor or terrace seating. In the indoor seating, each tables are cordoned in cubicles which can hold different number of customers. Lighting is dim and there is no direct ventilation in the cubicle. So expect to come out smelling like grilled meat afterwards.

Service was friendly by the Japanese service staff. To call for the service, just press the bell on your table. However, there are times, they take a bit of time to get to you as they are short staffed.

Overall, we find Yakiniku Azmaya provide a great Japanese BBQ experience. For the Kagoshima Wagyu Beef, my feeling was that we only tasted the A4 grade. For $50, no complain here. Once our Wagyu meat cravings awaken, we will definitely drop by again. Kanpai!! Cheers!!

Food & Drink: 8/10
Value: 7.5/10
Service: 7/10
Ambiance: 6.5/10
Budget per Person: $51 - $80

Omakaseya Azmaya Japanese Restaurant
(Yakiniku Azmaya)
Japanese BBQ Buffet Kagoshima Wagyu Beef
11 Unity Street
#02-14, Robertson Walk
Singapore 237995

T: +65 6235 0150
Tue – Fri: 18.00 – Midnight
Sat – Sun: 15.00 - Midnight
Check out their Facebook page for their monthly promotions.

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