Friday 14 July 2017

The Singaporean Florist That Changed the Game

It seems impossible to make blooms more beautiful than they already are, in their sole existence as such, but it actually is. A Better Florist is a florist in Singapore that have taken the floristry scene seriously and they are producing some real attention-grabbers in their flower shop.

They are the perfect combination of skills and talent, which they have mastered to the core, and their flower designs are a clear reflection of that. As you would expect from their name, they offer flowers that stand out, are always fresh and their bouquets and arrangements are on a whole other level of creativity.

The standards are high, but the prices are low, which plays a significant role, as once you set your eyes on these blooms, you’ll want to have them in your possession as often as possible.

A Better Florists designs indeed stand out, but if their selection isn’t enough for you, you’re also able to request custom-designed bouquets, that are going to be crafted with ‘you’ in mind only. Her Flowers is another flower shop, owned by the same team that has a different variety of bouquets and arrangements making sure that you’re good to go, no matter what your flower preferences are.

They are ideal for any occasion and not just Valentine’s and Mother’s Day. Their philosophy promotes gifting flowers for no reason at all, which I applaud. This means, you’re spreading happiness and positivity with flowers, which is what flowers are really about.

A Better Florist delivers all around Singapore, but recently their flowers have reached larger distances. In fact, they know have flower shops in Hong Kong and Dubai as well. After the huge success in Singapore, it was only a matter of time when the rest of the world would want a piece of them for themselves. After they’ve made it to the list of ten best florists in Singapore, it was no surprise that they were able to make the list of top ten florists in Hong Kong as well.

The website is really easy to use, as you’re able to make a purchase via your computer or mobile phone, within only a few clicks. Perfect for everyone who’s on the go, but still wants a special token of appreciation for their loved ones. They even deliver flowers within 90 minutes, on the same day, which is quite impressive.

Overall, A Better Florist is definitively a game-changer and worth looking into. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you step into their bloom world. 

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