Sunday 22 October 2017

Sakunthalas – Indian and Chinese Restaurant [MEDIA INVITE]

Sakunthala's Food Palace

Sakunthala's Food Palace is a restaurant where you can enjoy Indian cuisine and Chinese cuisine in the same place other than food court or room service. It is definitely the first time I ever see Indian restaurant in Singapore that showcase their seafood live in the tank in the dining section.

Live Seafood Tank

To maintain the authenticity of Indian and Chinese cuisine, Sakunthala's have two separate kitchens. Each kitchen is commandeered by different Chefs specialising in their cuisine.

Live Crabs

Live Lobster

One of the staple dishes here is their Curry Fish Head ($26 for small, $30 for big). Instead of the common red snapper, Sakunthala's use Angoli fish head (Sea Bream), one of the better quality fish. The fish head is definitely fresh, cooked with curry spices and other vegetables such as lady fingers and eggplants. The curry is thick, rich (solid lemak) and creamy. It is not too spicy for a South Indian dish standard and it lacked the tanginess of the assam. I personally like it, but LD prefer more tanginess in the fish head.

Curry Fish Head - Angoli

Steam Basmanti Rice ($2) is definitely the most suitable companion for the curry fish head. If fish is not to your liking, order the Butter Chicken ($9). The tender chicken thigh meat swimming in rich and creamy gravy with a touch of tanginess from the tomato, it simply open up your appetite. Butter Chicken is normally “a rice thief” dish in an Indian restaurant for me.

Steam Basmanti Rice

Butter Chicken

Pepper Mutton ($8) is Sakunthala's Speciality. It is a version of mutton curry with a strong pepper flavour. If to compare this to a Malay dish, it will be the equivalent to beef rendang. The meat is tender and fall of the bone covered with thick gravy, infused with generous amount of black pepper. The spiciness in on the high side, however there is just a shiokness to this dish. Good to be eaten with rice or naan.

Pepper Mutton

Tandoori Platter ($25.00). We have Fish Tikka, Fish Malai Kebab, Tandoori Chicken and Chicken Tikka. Served with regular Naan and Kashmiri Naan. I personally like the two types of chickens better, although both of the fishes are flaky. As all the protein was marinated with yoghurt, you can taste its tenderness in each bite.

Tandoori Platter

The plain naans are fluffy. We feel better eaten with the curries then Tandoori. While the Kashmiri better left till the end, as desserts.

Chilli Crab ($40/ 800 grams) . The iconic Singapore dish. The crabs used is definitely fresh, as I just took a picture of the live tank it at the start of the meal (see above). The chef who cooked it tonight was too generous with the chilli, where he ramped up the spiciness level in this dish to 15 out of 10. We were assured by the Sakunthala's team, the spiciness should be half or even less. So expect mellow spiciness blend with creamy eggy texture with a little twang.

Chilli Crab

Mutton Biryani ($11.50) & Chicken Biryani ($10.50). For the normal version, the chicken and mutton will buried under the biryani rice then cooked. Expect the unique flavour of the proteins to be infused into the rice. The chicken is succulent, coated in rich and creamy curry. The mutton is slightly tough and chewy, but it is delicious never less.

Mutton Biryani (Separated for photo taking purpose)

Chicken Curry - The type that suppse to go into the Biryani

Sakunthala's also offer meal rice dish ($4.50). Consist of White rice served with two vegetables, chicken gravy, rasam and buttermilk.

Meal Rice Dish

LD was very happy when she found Iced Horlicks ($3.50) in the menu. I still go for Mango Lassi ($4.50), ready to put off any fire from the spicy curries. It was useful in handling the Chilli Crab.

From the Left: Lime Juice, Mango Lassi, Ice Water, & Iced Horlicks

The décor of the restaurant is modern, bright with a touch of Indian influence. The live seafood tanks are showcase in the centre part of the restaurant, where it can be seen by everyone.

Home Delivery Available!!

Overall, it was an enjoyable meal. All of the Indian dishes that we tried that night was good. I personally like it as the spiciness level is on the low side compared to other Indian restaurants in race course road. So for Indian and Chinese cuisine in one place, check out Sakunthala. Cheers!!

Thank you very much to HungryGoWhere and Sakunthala's team for the tasting invitation.

Food & Drink: 7/10
Value: 7/10
Service: N / A (Tasting Event)
Ambiance: 7/10
Budget per Person: $26 - $50, $51 - $80.

Sakunthala's Food Place
66 Race Course Road
Singapore 218570

T: +65 6884 6884 (for reservation)
+65 6293 6649 (for enquiries)
OH: Daily 11.00 – 23.00

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