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Niku Kappo – Evolution of Japanese Beef Cuisine

Wagyu Sashimi at Niku Kappo

Explore the evolution of Japanese food culture through generations at Niku Kappo, their motto stated in Niku Kappo website. This statement sure makes my culinary senses comes to life. Niku Kappo is a Japanese restaurant that focused on their Wagyu Beef offerings. When you reach the front of the restaurant, the beef replica and wagyu beef cuts are staring right in your face, you will know what you must eat here.

Niku Kappo at Ion Orchard

Our beef exploration begins with Wagyu Mori ($29.90), Assorted Wagyu Beef Sashimi. For beef sashimi virgins, I strongly advised you to give this a try. This assorted beef sashimi is just amazing. The marbling and texture of each slice are unique and easy on the palate.

Wagyu Mori

Wagyu Sashimi

Wagyu Sushi Mori ($28.90), Special assorted wagyu sushi (6 kinds, 1 pc each). It consists of Wagyu Toro Sushi (The fattier wagyu); Wagyu Rossini (Wagyu sushi served with foie gras and shaved truffle); Wagyu Uni Sushi (Grilled Wagyu topped with uni); Wagyu Rump (Wagyu sushi using the leaner meat); Wagyu Tataki Sushi (Beef that is seared on the outside and raw on the inside); and Grilled Miso Wagyu (Wagyu slice is marinated in miso sauce).

Wagyu Sushi Mori

Each of the sushi showcase different way of enhancing the flavour of the wagyu. I tried the Wagyu Toro Sushi and it just melts in your mouth. Almost like eating an Otoro sushi. The other piece that I tried was the Miso Wagyu, where you can taste the miso sauce soaks into the sliced of wagyu and infused the flavour into the sushi rice as well.

Wagyu Toro Sushi

Wagyu Kushi Mori ($39.90), Assorted wagyu skewers consist of Grilled Wagyu with grated radish and ponzu sauce; Wasabi; Flavoured with Edo sweet miso; Flavoured with Saikyo Miso, Flavoured with homemade steak sauce.

Wagyu Kushi Mori

The seasoning and marinate gave different flavours to the juicy and succulent Wagyu Beef Skewers. #Beefgasm indeed. It is recommended that we eat this before it gets cold, and we extinguished it double-time.

Part of Our Wagyu Spread

Yaki Tetsu Kobe Style – Kyushu Wagyu ($38.90 per person). Min order 2 pax. The signature dish of Niku Kappo. This historical dish originated in Yokohama in 1868, when it was not a common practice to consume beef in Japan. It begins with a dish called Gyu Name.

Ingredients for Yaki Tetsu Kobe Style – Kyushu Wagyu 

It evolved through the years and the dish was refined by adding miso and leeks to remove the smell of the beef. Slow cooked in cast iron (Yakitetsu), the beef absorbs the flavours from miso, vegetables and other ingredients.

Yaki Tetsu Kobe Style – Kyushu Wagyu 

In Niku Kapo, the Yaki Tetsu Kobe Style will be cooked on the customer table if the space allowed or at the nearest location if the table is crowded. The taste is just marvellous. The white miso and foie gras absorb into the tender and succulent beef, vegetables, beancurd and glass noodles. The beef just delicately melts in your mouth while the rest of the ingredients coated in rich and creamy white sauce.

Yaki Tetsu Kobe Style – Kyushu Wagyu - Check out the Beef

We tried the Edo style (sweet miso) the last time, so we decided on white miso this time around. We recommend the Kobe style as it is more towards savoury flavour.

While beef is the main star here, there are other dishes for non-beef lovers. For starters, Niku Kappo Salad ($8.90) and EDO MISO Vegetable Dip ($8.90). The combination of fresh vegetables and potato salad definitely get a plus point in my book. Topped that with savoury pork floss and vinaigrette dressing, it created a good appetizer.

Niku Kappo Salad

Miso vegetable dip has always been LD’s favourite. The chilled and crunchy vegetables polished with minced meat miso dip is just delightful.

Edo Miso Vegetable Dip

Chirakashi Sashimi ($23.90). Niku Kappo version of Sashimi Moriawase served in fisherman style. What a presentation! Each sliced of the sashimi are generous and fresh. We definitely loved the touched of micro herbs and tobiko. Definitely value for money.

Chirakashi Sashimi

When we were seated, we were served complimentary mojito while we are looking through the menu. I also ordered Fruit Tea, Red Tea ($6.90). It is cold, refreshing and I ate the fruits inside (mango, kiwi, grapefruit, orange and lime) as desserts. LD and her friend ordered Sake.

Fruit Tea - Red Tea
Complimentary Mojito

The décor of the restaurant bright, zen and focused on maximising each space. The seating area are spacious, you don’t have the squeeze with your guest. Service is good and efficient. Price is definitely value for money.

Part of the dining area

Chef's Table

Overall, for a uniquely historic Japanese Beef Experience, this is a must try restaurant. Thank you very much to Andre and his family for introducing this place to us. Kanpai!! Cheers!!

The Moo Moo says it all. (See Top Left of the photo)

Food & Drink: 9/10
Value: 9.5/10  
Service: 8/10
Ambiance: 8.25/10
Budget per Person: $26- $50, $51 – 80.

Niku Kappo
By Watami
2 Orchard Turn
#B3-23 Ion Orchard
Singapore 238801

T: +65 6509 9366
OH: Daily 11.30 – 22.00

Menu available online

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