Sunday 21 October 2018

T.K. Kitchen – Unique Peppery Chicken Hot Pot [MEDIA INVITE]

Chicken Hot Pot / White Pepper Kampung Chicken Soup 

T.K. Kitchen is a well-known Zi Char (Tze Char) at Teban Gardens neighbourhood known for its seafood dishes. Following its success, they have opened up a new outlet at Clementi West focusing on a couple of new signature dishes.

T.K. Kitchen @Rong Fa Coffee Shop

Zi Char always provide Singapore neighbourhood with delicious food cooked a la minute at a reasonable price. From time to time, some of the Zi Char stalls will create its own signature dishes that stand out among the rest. T.K. Kitchen (“TK”) is one of them and at their new outlet, TK is introducing their Chicken Hot Pot / White Pepper Kampung Chicken Soup ($12 for ¼ chicken/ $22 for ½ chicken / $40 for whole chicken).

Chicken Hot Pot / White Pepper Kampung Chicken Soup  with Vegetable Set

This chicken hot pot used kampong chicken as their soup base, boiled over a long period with white pepper and red dates. Sliced pig stomach is added at the later stage. The result is a robust, sweet and peppery kampong chicken and pig stomach soup. The flesh of the chicken is succulent yet springy, and the yellow colour of the skin is just so appetizing. When you have it at the start, it will just warm up your stomach and wake up your appetite along the way. (In the picture is the $22, ½ chicken portion)

Chicken Hot Pot / White Pepper Kampung Chicken Soup 

The reason it is called a hot pot because you can add ingredients to it. First order, you will get a vegetable set with your order. You can also top up other ingredients such as the chicken ($10 for ¼ or $16 for ½); Fish or Abalone ($7.80 per plate); Seafood such as prawn, lala and sotong ($5.80 per plate); Meat – pig stomach, pork, chicken, pork ball or fishball ($3.80 per plate); or Vegetables ($1.80 per plate). Of course, topping up their superb broth is FOC.

The Pig Stomaach

Together with the Chicken Hot Pot, you can enjoy other cooked dishes such as Assam Prawns ($15 for small). The prawns are crunchy and well coated with the spicy and sour flavour from the assam. The portion is decent and the sauce definitely goes well with a bowl of white rice.

Assam Prawns

Cai Pu Beancurd ($8 for small). The smooth, silky egg tofu is homemade topped with fried Chai Po that is deep fried and tossed with sugar. It will definitely be a popular dish with the kids.

Cai Pu Beancurd

Thousand Island Sliced Fish ($10 for small). Deep fried snakehead mural fish slices, coated with thousand island sauce. A creative dish that incorporates the Thousand Island salad dressing, where most places usually like to use mayonnaise. I like the crispy texture to the fish, however, I am not so sure about the thousand island sauce.

Thousand Island Sliced Fish

Sambal Kang Kong & Sweet Potato Leaves ($6 for small). An interesting combination of two type of vegetables. The sambal is solid and fragrant, however some folks on our table feels TK can turn up the heat more in the sambal.

Sambal Kang Kong & Sweet Potato Leaves

Our finale dishes are Salted Egg Crab and White Pepper Crab ($40 per crab). TK uses Sri-Lankan crab that is about 600gram in weight. The price is fixed at $40 per crab, irrelevant to the market price. The salted egg version that we tried is the deep-fried version. It reminds me of the typhoon crab, the HongKong style. The flour that coated the crab did well to soak up salted egg flavour, however, due to the dual cooking process, you can feel the crab is overcooked.

Salted Egg Crab

We definitely love the white pepper crab. At the first bite, you can taste the juicy and natural freshness in the flesh, followed with slight spicy, warm flavour from the white pepper. It just tickles your palate, enticing you to keep going for the next piece of crab. Definitely worth the try. Yum Yum

White Pepper Crab 

T.K. Kitchen is located at Rong Fa Coffee Shop at Clementi West. There will be plenty of seats for dinner as they are the only stalls operating at the coffee shop together with the drink stall in the evening. 

Overall, the Chicken Hot Pot is definitely something worth trying. Not only it nourishes you, the taste itself is also very good. For seafood, we recommend the white pepper crab. I am sure there are other yummy dishes that are not shown here, but we only have so much space in our stomach. So, if you are in the West or Clementi area, give T.K. Kitchen a try. Cheers!!

Thank you very much to Darren and T.K. Kitchen for the tasting invitation.

Food & Drink: 7/10
Value: 7.5/10
Service: N/A (Media Invite)
Ambiance: N/A - Coffee Shop
Budget per Person: $11 - $25

T.K. Kitchen 
Blk 37 Teban Garden
Singapore 600037

T:+65 8330 7554
OH: 12.00 - 15.00; 16.00 - 22.00

710 Clementi West Street 2
#01-247 Rong Fa Coffee Shop
 Singapore 120710
T: +65 9885 5066
OH: Daily 11.00 – 14.00; 17.00 – 23.00

Blk 115 Canberra Walk #01-01
Singapore 750115

T: +65 9164 1448

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