Wednesday 16 October 2019

Supply & Demand – Creative New Menu [MEDIA INVITE]

Prosciutto E Funghi

Supply & Demand (‘S&D’) is an award-winning Italian Restaurant chain in Singapore. S&D has recently launched a series of new Asian and Italian Cuisines, following to customers feedback.

Supply & Demand Orchard Gateway

While waiting for all the “Makan Kakis” to assemble, I ordered Coconut Mint Cooler ($8). Served on an aluminium pot that traditionally used to heat milk. This thirst-quenching and refreshing drink is concocted from coconut water, lime juice, honey water and fresh mint leave. It is a perfect drink to rehydrate my body from extreme heat outdoor.

Coconut Mint Cooler

We started the tasting with Fresh Shucked Oyster from Taylor Shellfish Farms (USA). The oysters are plump, sweet and juicy. I had them with a little squeeze of lemon juice and it is just refreshing. #Oysterporn. The oyster is priced at $2++ a pop, with a purchase of drinks, all week between 12 to 9PM. Maximum purchase is 6 oysters per drink per pax. (Regular price $21.90 for half dozen).

Fresh Shucked Oyster from Taylor Shellfish Farms (USA)
Fresh Shucked Oyster from Taylor Shellfish Farms (USA)

Beef Carpaccio ($15). Thinly-sliced Beef Tenderloin with watercress and Yuzu Wasabi emulsion. As the beef is sliced thinly, you can only taste the texture instead of any beef flavour. The watercress and yuzu wasabi emulsion are refreshing and bringing Japanese influence to this dish.

Beef Carpaccio

Indomie Goreng Fries ($12, $17). S&D inspired of the Indonesian national dish. Thick-cut fries tossed with house blend of Indomie-inspired powder and chilli powder, mixed with Kecap Manis and Topped with Fried Egg. I must applaud S&D for their creativity; however, the flavour is too quirky for me. The sauce is sticky, while the seasoning did not absorb well into the fries. The fried egg is so out of place in this dish.

Indomie Goreng Fries
Indomie Goreng Fries

Instead of Indomie Goreng Fries, the Okonomiyaki Sweet Potato Fries ($13, $18) got my two thumbs up. The combination of sweet potato with savoury netsuke sauce is just addictive. Throw in the Japanese mayo, bonito flakes, furikake and scallions, I have to stop myself from eating to much in anticipation of other dishes. A perfect snack.

Okonomiyaki Sweet Potato Fries

Peach and Parma Ham Crostini ($14). Traditional Italian appetizer that will make you go WOW. The combination of sweet and savoury, thinly-sliced Parma Ham with grilled peach, on top of mascarpone cheese and garlic crostini is just delicious. The balsamic sauce helps to balance the sweet and savoury, so all the flavours are in tune. Yum Yum.

Peach and Parma Ham Crostini 

Baked Brie ($17). Oven-baked melted brie cheese, drizzled with honey, rosemary almond flakes and crumble, served with flatbread. The soft, mild and creamy brie mixed with the sweetness of the honey, making it a beautiful spread for the flatbread. You can actually have this for entrée or even for dessert.

Baked Brie

Prosciutto E Funghi ($16, $21). Parmesan cheese-infused cream sauce with mushrooms, sautéed Parma ham and bacon. This al-dente spaghetti is not shy in flavour. The bacon, parmesan cheese and mushroom, infused its salty and umami flavour into the cream sauce and pasta. The best part is the crispy Parma ham on top that is so irresistible. Yummy.

Prosciutto E Funghi

Nero De Seppia with Seared Scallops ($19, $29). S&D version of squid ink pasta. Though it is cooked with wine, butter and homemade broth, it does not penetrate into the pasta. I feel the pasta lacking the OMPH factor. It can do with more cheese, mini prawns or a dollop of squid ink.

Nero De Seppia with Seared Scallops

For the pizza, Avocado E Pesto ($25, $29) is the vegetarian pizza in S&D. The crispy crust is accompanied by a generous topping of rucola, avocado, oregano and mozzarella. The pesto sauce and garlic cream sauce bind the toppings nicely from the base. It does not even enter my mind that this pizza is vegetarian.

Avocado E Pesto

Seared Beef with Pear Pizza ($25, $29). The tomato sauce with 4 types of cheese (mozzarella, gorgonzola, taleggio and raclette) made a promising base for the pizza. The seared beef is tender and juicy; however, it seems to be disconnected with the pizza. Maybe S&D can consider using melted raclette cheese to pour on top of the pizza to bind all the toppings together or removing the sweetness from the honey.

Seared Beef with Pear Pizza

The décor of the restaurant is just wonderful. It blended the design of a library, with the greenery from the plants and lots of natural light. The atmosphere is so comfortable, together with live music, I can stay here for hours.

Part of Dining Area

Live Music & The Line Up

Overall, there is a lot of things to like in S&D new menu. My picks are the oysters, peach and parma ham crostini, baked brie, prosciutto e funghi pasta and the avocado e pesto pizza. Not forgetting the coconut mint cooler. I’ll definitely be back for more. Cheers!!

Seating Area Outside

Thank you very much to Msginginly, Marque Singapore and Supply & Demand Team for hosting us.

Food & Drink: 7.5/10
Value: 7.5/10
Service: N/A (Tasting Invitation)
Ambiance: 9/10
Budget per Person: $26 - $50, $51 - $80

Supply & Demand
277 Orchard Road
#02-13/14 Orchardgateway
Singapore 238858

T: +65 6702 6218
IG: @Supplydemandorchard
Daily 11.30 – 22.30
Check out their website for other location & Menu

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