Monday 2 March 2020

Paul Immigrations Reviews – Applying for Singapore PR Successfully [ADVERTORIAL]

Back in 2002, I had a hard decision to make on whether to stay in Melbourne or migrate to Singapore. It was not an easy decision for me. A few factors help me lean toward migrating to Singapore:
A Safe Environment, A Clean Country, with Good Governance, Good Standard of Living, Good Job Opportunities and the Epicentre of South East Asia.

In 2003, I applied for my Permanent Resident (PR) on my own without realising that the process is very strenuous. If there was a PR consultant or specialist like at that time to guide me through the process, it will be less tedious.

Paul Immigrations Reviews – Singapore Immigration Specialist
Paul Immigrations (PI) is an immigration consultancy firm based in Singapore. Established in 2016, the company has over 15,000 satisfied clients and growing. With more than 100 expert employees with comprehensive knowledge in applying for Singapore PR, you can be assured the right people will be guiding you.

There are three schemes to apply for Singapore PR:
Professional, Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers Scheme (PTS Scheme). PTS scheme is targeted for individuals holding Employment Pass, S-Pass, Personalised Employment Pass or EntrePass. For individuals holding these passes, they have the advantage to gain PR status. It is reported that they will have the highest success rate in applying for the PR in this city-state.

Global Investor Programme (GIP). GIP is targeted for high-net-worth foreign investors. The investment of these group of applicants is expected to benefit greatly to Singapore, either through setting up new business operation here or finance a GIP-approved funds that invest in Singapore-based corporations. Applicants have high approval rates, as long as they meet the basic criteria such as to possess strong business background, successful business track record and able to invest a minimum of S$2.5 million.

Foreign Artistic Talent Scheme (ForArts). ForArts scheme is aimed at artist outstanding contribution and cultural significant internationally. These individuals are expected to contribute significantly in the art and culture and bring the local art and cultural scene to new heights.

Paul Immigrations Reviews – Factors to a Successful PR Application

Age Matters. Singapore is an ageing population nation, where the median age of the current resident population is moving to above 41 years old[1]. It is not helping that the low birth rate that commonly associated in with first world countries. A younger applicant has more years to contribute to this Little Red Dot, in economic and also in society. It is easier for younger people to assimilate to their new environment, allowing for smooth integration in society.

Education Level. Applying through PTS route will expose you toward candidates with different skills and qualifications. By having a good academic qualifications from reputable universities or institutions will add weight in your assessment. In turn, specialised technical qualifications or expertise on a certain subject in key market sectors will have the same effects as well.

Financial Stability. This represents not only your income but your holistic contributions. It is about how can support yourself, your family and also potential future earnings. On top of that, your spending power will be taken into consideration as well.

Employment Industry. As a nation that is progressive in nature, Research and Development (R&D) are the cornerstone of this nation’s development. The growth of public and private R&D centres indicate that Singapore primes itself for growth in new technology, products and process. With strong IP protection and enforcement environment, many Multinational companies are moving their head office, setting up their regional headquarters, or even their R&D centres in Singapore, which will lead to employment opportunities in the long run. In turn, being employed in these industries will be beneficial for your application.

Paul Immigrations Reviews – The Process
Step 1 – Prospective Client Interview via Phone Call. A consultant from the company will conduct the first round of phone interview to gather information and conduct a profile assessment.

For applicant with family, you should consider applying as a whole family unit. This way, you will be assessed base on your family’s combined strengths as a whole, rather than on each individual. This will also suggest that your family is keen on planting your roots in Singapore together.

Step 2 – In-Person Appointment with PC. The consultant will schedule in-person appointment with you. At this time the consultant will verify the documents from the initial interview, followed with the review of your profile based on profile assessment and finally go through the factors that will affect the PR approval.

These first two steps are very critical. You will have someone with key insight to explain the factors that will affect your PR approval. Afterwards, you can decide if you would like to engage their service.

If you decided to engage the service of PI, the process will continue into Step 3 – Request for Documents from Clients by a specialist from the company. These include compulsory documents (as required by ICA) and essential additional documents.

These essential additional documents are important to enhance the success rate of your PR application (PRA), especially if these documents reflect the client’s participation in charity work, community involvement, etc.

Step 4 – Completion of the Paperwork. The team will be compiling and complete the rest of the paperwork on behalf of the client. The team will then proceed to craft a personalised cover letter.

A personalised cover letter is very important because it will be highlighting your strengths and help you stand out from the rest of the applicants in the best way possible.

Step 5 – Submission of the Completed Documents. The specialist will help the client submit the complete documents remotely or schedule an in-person meeting with the client to complete the process.

The process above will take an average between 1 to 2 months.

Step 6 – The Outcome. The assessment process by ICA will take about 4 to 6 months. Whether the PRA is successful or unsuccessful, the specialist will guide the client on the next best course of action to take.

I was honoured to visit their office and given a presentation on their services. Their professionalism starting from the reception to the rest of the specialist team, instil confidence on the firm expertise, ensuring the Prospective Clients that they will be well-taken care of.



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