Monday 28 September 2020

Katong Jago Seafood – Nice Overall Zhi Char

Signature Seafood Fish Head Steamboat
It started when LD saw a video clip of this Seafood Fishhead Steamboat and share it on my FB page. This led to makan session with R & K. Katong Jago Seafood (‘KJS’) is located at a coffee shop at Jago Close (off East Coast Road), which also house delicious Char Kway Teow and Western Food stalls. 

Signature Seafood Fish Head Steamboat ($58) is a must-order here. Served in a traditional charcoal steamboat pot, the milky broth looks irresistible. The broth is robust, peppery and infused with the essence of seafood and fish head. 

Signature Seafood Fish Head Steamboat
The fillings inside the steamboat include tiger prawns, clams, garoupa fish head and vegetables. For the milky white colour in the broth, the chef uses fresh milk instead of the carnation milk for a more natural flavour. A generous dash of cooking wine also added to give it the extra OMPH in this dish. Not forgetting, this steamboat comes with free flow of the soup. Yum Yum. 



Garoupa Fish Head
We started our meal with Chilled Prawns (FOC for orders above $70). First time I ever get prawns FOC. They are sweet, fresh and crunchy. It is actually worth ordering on its own. 

Chilled Prawns
Deep-Fried Baby Squid ($14 – S, $20 – M, $26 – L). Deep-fried baby squid, tossed with a combination of sweet and savoury sauce. The diced veggies of onion, pineapple and cucumber accompanied the crispy baby squid nicely. Nice with a glass of cold beer! 

Deep-Fried Baby Squid - Small
White Pepper Frog ($18). Unlike the black sauce version that you normally see with the frog porridge, the frog dish here looks very clean. The frog meat is tender and succulent, while the jus from the frog together with the white pepper created appetizing sweet and peppery flavour. 

White Pepper Frog
Mee Tai Bak. This slippery rice noodle delivers a unique taste on its own. Instead of the thick sweet black sauce commonly found in zhi char place, the KJS version added ketchup into the sauce. The sweet and tangy combination, together with crunchy bean sprout feels like a party in your mouth. 

Mee Tai Bak
Imperial Pork Ribs ($10 – S, $15 – M, $20 – L). Fork tender pork ribs coated with sweet aromatic sauce. The combination of oyster sauce, plum sauce, vinegar is just uplifting and perfect savoury ending to the meal here. Those who like fried garlic will appreciate the bitter sweetness deep fried garlic accompanying the pork. 

Imperial Pork Ribs
Service is fast, warm and friendly. They don’t try to upsell you on their seafood and recommend the portion appropriate to your group size. Plus, the service staff keep refilling the soup automatically. 

Menu 1

Menu 2
CBK verdict a good place to come for the Seafood Fishhead Steamboat. Not forgetting, the rest of the dishes that we order are very nice too. We’ll definitely come back for more. Cheers!! 

Food & Drinks: 8/10 
Value: 7.75/10 
Service: 7.5/10 
Ambiance: N/A (Coffee Shop) 
Budget per Person: $11 - $25, $26 - $50. 

Katong Jago Seafood 
228 East Coast Road 
Singapore 428925 

T: +65 8332 9369 
IG: @Katongjagoseafood 
OH: Daily 12.00 – 21.45

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