Monday 31 May 2021

COCA – Thai Steamboat at Home [MEDIA DROP]

COCA - Hotpot Set A

COCA Restaurant is a well-known Thai hot pot restaurant in Thailand, Singapore and abroad. My first experience with COCA Restaurant in Singapore is at the Ngee Ann City outlet, followed by the branch at Suntec. COCA Restaurant hot pot is known for its fusion between Thai and Cantonese Style of Steamboat and it has stood the test of time against the new wave of steamboat restaurants.

COCA Hotpot
Image Credit COCA

Now, you can bring home COCA flavours with COCA home delivery. LD and I get to try their Hotpot Set A ($82, serves 3 to 4 pax +). This set includes the following:
-Complimentary Mala Fried Rice
-Complimentary Mala Fish Skin
-2 soup bases (we got Signature Hua Diao Phoenix Pot and Tantalizing Tom Yum)
-Prawns, Thinly Sliced Pork Collar, Chicken Fillet
-Chicken Meat Paste, Shrimp Wanton, Fishball with Roe
-Chinese Cabbage, Local Lettuce, Emperor Shiitake
-Signature Green Noodle
-COCA Thai Suki Sauce

The delivery comes in 2 bags. One for the cooked food, soup base and room temperature ingredients, while the other for cold and chilled items. The soup and suki sauces get additional shrink wrap to prevent spillage. A good first impression.

The Packing
The soup base: Signature Hua Diao Phoenix Pot and Tantalizing Tom Yum. I personally like the Hua Diao Phoenix Pot. The milky colour soup is robust, sweet and flavourful. It is suitable to cook any ingredients in it. The tom yum soup base is aromatic, spicy but on the sweet side. For those who like more sourish type, you might need to add some lime and chilli, to kick it up a notch.

Signature Hua Diao Phoenix Pot and Tantalizing Tom Yum
For the meat, sliced pork collar, chicken fillet and prawns. The pork collar is juicy and succulent, but don’t expect those Iberico melt in your mouth type. The chicken meat is tender and absorbs both types of broth nicely. Meanwhile, the prawns are fresh and crunchy. It is also partly de-shell, so you can enjoy it without getting your hands dirty.

Sliced pork collar, Chicken fillet and Prawns

Sliced pork collar

Sliced pork collar - Cooked

Chicken Meat Paste, Shrimp Wanton, Fishball with Roe. Surprisingly, the chicken meat paste is juicy and succulent. This reminds me of the handmade chicken meatballs that I ate in one of the famous Japanese restaurants in Singapore. The shrimp wanton is crunchy, as good as that popular Thai frozen wanton brand. The fishball with roe is crunchy, bouncy followed by bursting ikura flavour.

Chicken Meat Paste, Shrimp Wanton, Fishball with Roe

Chicken Meat Paste
The complimentary Mala Fish Skin is crispy, it remains crispy even after a few hours. It packs the mala punch, those mala lovers won’t be disappointed. The same can be said with the complimentary Mala Fried Rice.

Mala Fish Skin & Mala Fried Rice

Mala Fish Skin
The portion of the vegetables are generous. The green noodles are a must-have for a Thai style hotpot. LD & I will usually order a few plates of this when we are having hot pot in Thailand. The COCA version here is just awesome. This green colour noodle is tasty and al-dente. It is crunchy and bodes well with both soup base. Another way to eat this noodle is to toss it with the signature COCA Thai suki sauce.

Chinese Cabbage, Emperor Shiitake & Local Lettuce

Signature Green Noodle
Overall, it was a pleasure having a Thai steamboat at home. While we miss travelling to Thailand, at least this steamboat can satisfy our longing for the steamboat there. For Hotpot Set A, the portion is good for 4 small eaters. However, if you are a big eater, I suggest you order more ingredients. The generous soup portions are more than enough for the add-ons. Cheers!!

Thank you very much Jennifer Yeo Consultancy and COCA Team for arranging the delivery.

Food & Drink: 7.25/10
Value: 7.5/10
Service: N/A (Media Drop)
Budget per Person: $11 - $25

5 Stadium Walk
#02-01 Leisure Park Kallang
Singapore 397693

T: +65 6241 3833
IG: @Cocasingapore
OH: Daily 11.00 – 20.00

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