Wednesday 1 June 2022

Ospace – Your Own Private Gym [MEDIA INVITE]

Ospace is a revolutionary concept that combines 24-hour gym, fitness, wellness and technology. It is a pay-per-use gym and wellness centre to meet the need of fitness enthusiasts and provide privacy at the same time.

Power Rack Station and Adjustable Pulley
Ospace is built to cater to the regular gym user that needs a great workout; a physiotherapist or a sports masseuse; or a private Yoga/Dance/Zumba/Fitness instructor to conduct one-to-one class or hold an online session.

Heavy Drumbels
Currently, Ospace is present at 4 heartland locations, Ang Mo Kio, Bedok North, Tampines and Tanglin Halt. LD and I visited the Tampines Ospace and give it a try.

Fitness Step Board and Fitness Resistance Band
The booking of Ospace is done through Ospace App, you can download it in App Store and Google Play. Once you install the App, you can start your booking. Choose the location, sign-up, choose the time slot and total pax, put in your payment details and you are reservation is confirmed.

Left: Ospace App in Play Store; Centre: The App; Right: Location & Pricing
Left: Proceed to Fill In Your Details; Centre: Login Page after Registration;
Right: Booking Location, Date & Time.
Once you reach the location that your book and the time, a small box will appear on the app. Click on the box, and the system will buzz you in. Here is a brief walk-through of the Ospace Tampines.

Left: Your Booking Confirmation;
Right: Green Box will Pop Out during the allocated time.Click and Enter

Gym equipment includes a treadmill, power rack station with weights and adjustable pulley, stationary bike, adjustable bench, range of dumbbells, fitness step board, yoga mat, massage bed and fitness resistance bands.

At one end, there is an Android fitted smart mirror to help you control the lights, analyse your body composition, and also a fitness app through Youtube. Some parts of the walls are fitted with full-length mirrors, which is very helpful when you are doing your fitness.

Smart Mirror
Since LD and I are not gym regulars, we only use the equipment that we are familiar with. The treadmill is easy to use. Just adjust the speed, elevation (if needed) and walk on it. To monitor your heart rate, you can attach the clip in front of you or just grab the metal part of the handlebar to allow the machine to read your heart rate.

Stationary Bike
I did a quick exercise on the stationary bike; it seems my flat buttocks can’t get used to the seat. So, I decided to skip it and try out the power rack station. You can easily adjust the weight of the pulley behind, however, I have difficulties getting the right posture. I know you can get everything on YouTube or Google, maybe if you can include a QR code to scan or a positional chart nearby, it is easy for novice users like us to get through it.

Chubby Botak Koala using the Pulley
While using the equipment above, you can also pair your phone with Google Nest Mini to inspire your exercise through your playlist. Ospace also collaborated with Esther to provide a diffuser with medical-grade essential oil. Hand sanitiser, baby wipes and surface sanitiser are provided for your benefit.

Google Nest Mini & Difuser
Hand Sanitiser, Surface Sanitiser and Wet Wipes
We skipped the adjustable bench since we are not doing any weight training. Instead, we spend most of the time toying with the smart mirror. I started with a YouTube exercise video using the fitness step board. LD try to follow the aerobic dance exercise. Finally, we settle on some stretching and cardio workout. Totally love the smart mirror, however, we just wish there is a bigger 42” to 50” TV, making it easy for us to follow the exercise. The space in front of the smart mirror can comfortably fit 2 to 3 pax exercising at the same time.

Smart Mirror & Adjustable Bench
Overall, LD and I find Ospace is spacious to cater for 3 pax at one time. There is a lot of different gym equipment to help you with your exercise and the Google Nest Mini and Smart Mirror are a plus point. Booking is a breeze and the overall area is well air-conditioned. If you are looking for a private gym or mini studio for your exercise and other wellness activities, you should check out Ospace.

The Pricing
Thank you very much Jennifer Yeo Consultancy and Ospace for the invite.

Blk 107 Tampines Street 11
Singapore 521107

WA: +65 88771998
OH: 24 Hours
Other location Ang Mo Kio, Bedok North & Tanglin Halt.

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