Tuesday 25 October 2022

Modori Sodam Collection - Makes Your Dream Kitchen A Reality [MEDIA DROP]

The challenge that every household face in Singapore kitchen is space. For those who cook, you will know that in an Asian kitchen, you will need different types of equipment. Wok, pots, frying pans and even serving bowls. To store all this cookware, you will need lots of space.

Sodam Cookware Set + Glass Pot Lid 22cm
Recently, we received a Media Drop for Sodam Collection from Modori Team. Together with the Sodam Cookware Set (18cm Cooking Pot + 18cm Multi-Use Pot Lid + 22cm Cooking Pot + 24cm Frying Pan + Multifunction Handle), and we also receive Glass Pot Lid 22cm.

The plus points of Sodam Cookware Set:
1. Stackable, fitting neatly into any cramped cabinet, save space
2. 5 layers of advanced, Xtrema™ Non-Stick Ceramic Coating (The Xtrema™ Ceramic Coating provides advanced non-stick frying capabilities with high durability)
3. Lead-free, cadmium-free, PFOA, PFAS-free.
4. It can be used on all stove-tops: Induction cooker, gas stove, heating plate, oven and dishwasher (Note: It should not be used in the microwave)

Sodam Cookware
We give the Sodam Cookware a test run for our Sunday roast dinner. For the 24cm Frying Pan, we decided to do a roast pumpkin. Since the Multifunction Handle is removable, we just put the pan inside the oven. It saves us extra washing and an additional roasting tray. To add charred to the pumpkin, we torch the pumpkin inside the Sodam frying pan. The pumpkin turned out very well and there is no charred mark on the pan. The washing part is also seamless, as those sticky parts just come out easily using a soft sponge.

24cm Sodam Frying Pan with Multifunction Handle
24cm Sodam Frying Pan without handle
24cm Sodam Frying Pan with torch
Next up is the 18cm Cooking Pot and Multi-use Pot Lid. LD and I decided to try Gyeranjjim (Korean Steam Egg). We just prep the ingredients, start the fire, put everything into the pot and just cover it. We manage to get the eggs to rise and the texture similar to those we get in the Korean restaurant, although not the shape. We’re very happy with the outcome and with a few more practice runs, we should be able to perfect it. When we finished the gyeranjjim, we notice no eggs sticking to the bottom of the pot comparing to the traditional claypot that used in the restaurants. Very pleased with the results and cleaning the pot was a breeze.

Sodam 18cm Cooking Pot
The Multifunction Handle is easy to use. I was able to master it in three tries. The best part is once you get it locked, the handle grip on to the frying pan or cooking pot firmly and not shaky at all, even when they are fully loaded.

Sodam 18cm Cooking Pot - Full Load
We also test it by reheating Lamb and Vegetable soup. The soup was cooked in a jiffy and there was almost no residue stuck on the pot. The 18cm cooking pot comes with a pouring spout, so you can pour the soup with no or minimum spillage. It also functions as a vent hole to prevent pressure from building up in the pot.

Sodam 18cm Cooking Pot with Multifunction Handle
Once we are finished with the cooking and cleaning, the Sodam Cookware is easily stackable and easily stored. We tried a few different ways and this one seems to fit our style nicely.

Stacking - Option 1
Stacking - Option 2

Modori Cutting Board

Cutting Board is one of the most important items in the kitchen. However, it is also one of the tools that we need to keep checking or replacing most often, especially when it has a lot of cutting marks. Germs can easily get stuck in it and we need to ensure that there is no cross-contamination.

The team at Modori has created Modori Cutting Board made of TPU materials with high-quality flexibility and recovery power. It does not leave knife marks and scars easily and prevents the growth of harmful bacteria. You can easily sterilize it by pouring boiling water over it. (Suggest sanitizing within 10 seconds)

Modori Cutting Board Set
Modori Cutting Boards
We started using it a few weeks back. Till today, we still haven’t found knife/cutting marks on the cutting boards. Don’t forget to use separate cutting boards for fresh and raw ingredients, to avoid cross-contamination.

Modori Cutting Board - Cutting Vegetables
When I was cutting my roast lamb, I notice the meat did not slide around easily. The TPU materials provide good resistance and are less slippery compared to my other cutting boards.

Modori Cutting Board - No Knife Marks
Modori Cutting Board also comes with a metal stand. The colours of the cutting boards and the stand are very neutral, it easily blend into any colour or design of your kitchen. The stand will ensure there will be enough space between each cutting board and it will dry up properly.

Modori Cutting Boards with Stand
They have included the handmade ceramic magnet with this round and it can be used on the cutting board stand or your fridge doors to hold up any paper recipes.

Modori Handmade Ceramic Magnet
Modori Handmade Ceramic Magnet

Modori Silicone Ice Ball Maker

It is time to up your mixologist game and curates your own cold beverages with Modori Silicone Ice Ball Maker. It is made with food-grade silicone, it is 100% durable and can withstand temperatures from -40°C to 250°C. It is made in Korea with a KCC safety certificate, and SGS certificate silicone.

Modori Silicone Ice Ball Maker

Boiling in Hot Water to Sanitize
In addition to making ice cubes and drinks, it's actually great for making solid foods, storing baby purees, making flavoured jellies, storing garlic, chopped onions, broth, and more.

Modori Silicone Ice Ball Maker
Ice Ball
Ice Ball with Drinks
Since we hardly freeze our cooked foods, we decided to stick with ice balls. One is made of water, and the other is made from milk.

Milk Ice Ball
Milk Ice Ball with Espresso Shot
CBK Verdict: Totally love the Sodam Cookware. It is non-stick, due to The Xtrema™ Ceramic Coating, easy to clean, easily stored and stackable as well. The best part is when I do my searing and roasting on the same frying pan seamlessly thanks to the Multifunction Handle.

The Modori Cutting Board is an essential in your kitchen’s daily usage. It is strong, durable and does not leave any cutting marks on it. Meanwhile, Modori Silicone Ice Ball Maker will give you more reasons to create your cold drinks. Not essential, but good to have if you got extra space in the freezer. Cheers!!

Where to buy? CLICK HERE https://bit.ly/3UmMSoS
For more information on the product: https://modori.sg/collections/goodle-collection

You can check out my review on Modori Goodle Collection Here.
Thank you very much Modori for the Media Drop.


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