Sunday 13 August 2023

Kwong Cheong Thye x Celebrity Chef Heman Tan [MEDIA INVITE]

Asian Sauce Manufacturer Kwong Cheong Thye (“KCT”) unveil its latest line of specialty Western Paste and Sauce, Aglio Olio Chilli Paste & Paprika Hickory BBQ Sauce. This project is spearheaded by Mr. Alvin Choo, the 5th generation co-owner of KCT in collaboration with Celebrity Chef Heman, Winner of World Gourmet Awards 2022 (Western Cuisine Chef of the Year).

Signature Soya Sauce by Kwong Cheong Thye
Kwong Cheong Thye Products
The Aglio Olio Chilli Paste, a harmonious blend of zesty garlic and fragrant herbs, promises to transport your taste buds to the South of Italy, delivering an explosion of flavours that will leave you craving more. Meanwhile, the Paprika Hickory BBQ Sauce, infused with the smoky allure of the finest hickory wood, will likely transport you to a sizzling barbecue haven of South Carolina, where every bite is a revelation.

Aglio Olio Chilli Paste & Paprika Hickory BBQ Sauce

During the launch of Aglio Olio Chilli Paste & Paprika Hickory BBQ Sauce, we were treated to a scrumptious meal by Chef Heman and the team at KCT. The meal showcases the usage of both Aglio Olio Chilli Paste and Paprika Hickory BBQ Sauce in various dishes.

It started with bread platter; sourdough served with butter infused with Paprika Hickory BBQ sauce. The hickory sauce adds spice and smoky aroma to the smooth and creamy butter.

Sourdough Bread
Butter infused with Paprika Hickory BBQ sauce
For Amuse Bouche, we had Pulled Lamb Leg En Croute, Prawn Dumpling, Crispy Squid Dumpling and Cold Tofu. The pulled lamb leg is slow-cooked over 24 hours with Paprika Hickory BBQ sauce. The result is a fork-tender leg of lamb infused with lovely smoked paprika and hickory wood aroma inside the crispy pastry. The flavour of the BBQ sauce is less prominent in the crispy squid dumpling and cold tofu dishes. It is more subtle, but it adds another layer of flavour to both dishes.

Pulled Lamb Leg En Croute
Crispy Squid Dumpling
Cold Tofu
The prawn dumplings dish is similar to the spicy sour prawn dumplings version in Asian cuisine. The aglio olio chilli paste is added to the mix; however, it is overshadowed by the strength of the vinegar and chilli padi.

Prawn Dumplings
Amuse Bouche
The next dish is seafood bisque. Initially, we were served the Crab Timbale, a mixed of crab meat with prawns. Chef Heman and his team then bring in the hot soup (bisque) and pour it on the bowl tableside, till it covered the crab timbale. The bisque is thick and robust bisque, paired beautifully with the crab timbale. Chef Heman uses the oil from the paste to add a fragrant and spicy flavour that cuts through the robustness of the bisque. Yummy.

Seafood Bisque
Seafood Bisque
We had two main dishes Coral Cod Fillet and Aglio E Olio KCT Ramen. The Coral Cod is lightly seasoned and plated on top of tosaka and black fungi salad. At the bottom, the sauce is a mix of hollandaise sauce with Paprika Hickory BBQ Sauce. I like how the flavours interact, with the moist and crispy cod. The creamy hollandaise sauce absorbs the unique paprika and the lovely hickory sauce, at the same time tempering the strong flavour from the sauce so it paired well with the fish.

Coral Cod Fillet
For the Aglio E Olio KCT Ramen, Chef Heman takes a liberal approach with the paste. Each strand of KCT ramen is filled with the explosive flavour of Aglio Olio Chilli Paste. It was an explosion of flavour in each slurp. Very spicy!

Aglio E Olio KCT Ramen
Aglio E Olio KCT Ramen
Dessert is Spicy Chocolate Lava Cake with Lime Sorbet Crumble. This is not your ordinary Chocolate Lava Cake. The Aglio Olio Chilli Paste is folded in with the chocolate lava. I have tried chilli chocolate cake before, but this is at another level. Level 10. Though the lime sorbet supposed to cool down the fire, I was still unable to finish the chocolate lava cake, but LD did.

Spicy Chocolate Lava Cake with Lime Sorbet Crumble
Overall, Celebrity Chef Heman and the team at KCT have demonstrated the application of Aglio Olio Chilli Paste and Paprika Hickory BBQ Sauce creatively into these delicious dishes. With the availability of Aglio Olio Chilli Paste and Paprika Hickory BBQ Sauce, it is easier for us to recreate the restaurant flavours in our home. Hopefully, they can provide some interesting recipes in the future, so it is easier to guide the consumers on how to use KCT western sauce and paste. Cheers!!

Kwong Cheong Thye x Celebrity Chef Heman Tan
Speciality Western Paste and Sauce

Available flavours:
- Aglio Olio Chilli Paste ($5.95)
- Paprika Hickory BBQ Sauce ($5.95)

Both these paste and sauce are available at
- Kwong Cheong Thye online shop (
- Kwong Cheong Thye factory: 12 Senoko Ave, S758302
- Kwong Cheong Thye retail outlet: 61 Lorong 27 Geylang, S388187.

Thank you very much CQ Works, Kwong Cheong Thye and Chef Heman for hosting us.

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