Sunday 29 October 2023

George Town – Exciting New Signature Dishes 2023 [MEDIA INVITE]

George Town Tze Char & Craft Beer (“George Town”) recently appointed Chef Michael Khor Choon Keat, a renowned maestro in Malaysia’s world of gastronomy to helm their kitchen. His CV includes Executive Chef at Grand Imperial Group Malaysia, The Oriental Group, vGarden and Number Seven Private Kitchen. In was 2018, he also awarded the prestigious Gold Award in the “Creative Perfect Fish Art Competition”.

Combining Chef Michael Khor creativity, wealth of experience and fresh ingredients available, George Town has introduced new signature dishes.

Lobster Mixed Platter
Lobster Mixed Platter and 3-Litres Amber Lager Tower ($88, served 4, limited to 1 set per table). Includes Lobster Meat, Prawn Rolls, Tako Balls, Pork Belly and Gobo Stick. George Town version of tapas (small plates) to accompany the 3-litres of Amber Lager Tower. On that evening, our platter includes Tako Balls x2, Prawn Rolls, Lobster Meat x2, Gobo Stick and Fried Octopus. It is value for money, cause some places already charge $88 for the 3L of beer tower.

Prawn Roll
Tako Balls
Gobo Stick
Fried Octopus
Black Truffle Sauce Lobster ($68). The flesh of the lobster is de-shell. stir-fried and finished with Black Truffle Sauce. The lobster meat is juicy and bouncy, nicely complemented with creamy sauce and infused with black truffle flavour. The flavour of the black truffle is not overpowering, instead, it elevates the flavour of this dish nicely.

Black Truffle Sauce Lobster 
Abalone, Sea Cucumber and Mushroom (至尊三宝, $38). One of my favourite dishes in Chinese restaurants. The abalone is juicy and bouncy, while the sea cucumber is crunchy. The robust and intense flavour of the sauce is the key to this dish and binds all the ingredients together. The mushroom soaks up this delicious gravy and adds the umami component to this dish. I can easily polish up a bowl of white rice just with the sauce in this dish. Yum Yum.

Abalone, Sea Cucumber and Mushroom (至尊三宝)
Lemon Butter Prawns in Yam Ring ($38). Crunchy prawns coated in lemon butter sauce plated on deep-fried yam ring. The texture of the prawn and the flavour of the sauce are spot on. However, the crispy yam ring is a bit dry in the middle, instead of smooth and creamy.

Lemon Butter Prawns in Yam 
Black Pepper A5 Wagyu 120g ($48). Black pepper is the most popular style of cooking beef in tze char. However, I don’t think it is a respectful way to cook A5 Wagyu beef. The beef texture is very tender, juicy and packed with umami flavour. However, the signature wagyu flavour is covered up by the salty black pepper sauce. They need to tweak the black pepper sauce to allow the premium ingredients to shine or they can use a lower grade of beef and upsize the portion to 250g to provide value for this dish.

Black Pepper A5 Wagyu
$1 Chilli Crab (500g with min order of $50 on food menu). The main stayer of George Town menu. The crab is fresh and the chilli sauce is smooth and silky with a nice spicy kick. For that price, it is super value for money. A MUST ORDER here!!

$1 Chili Crab
Foie Gras with Caviar ($38). Nice fine dining plating. The foie gras has a crisp exterior, followed by creamy and velvety interior. The crispy duck breast on top with tobiko complemented the foie gras nicely. The cube duck salad on the side is refreshing and crunchy. A very nice dish.

Foie Gras with Caviar
Supreme Lobster Paofan ($68). WOW!! Impressive!! The broth is robust and packed with umami flavour. Super generous with the seafood ingredients, including the lobster, scallops, and sliced fish. Together with the combination of crispy rice and boiled rice, each spoonful of the pao fan is a party in my mouth. A comforting dish and Super Yummy!!

Supreme Lobster Paofan 
While we were waiting for the first meal to arrive, the boss of George Town also arranged for us to try the Chinese skewers from @SGBBQBAR . We tried the lamb, beef and pork belly. The Yang Rou Chuan / lamb is the best, not gamy and the seasoning is just spot on for our taste.

Overall, I enjoy the new signature dishes at George Town. I recommend the Black Truffle Sauce Lobster, $1 Chilli Crab, Foie Gras with Caviar, Abalone, Sea Cucumber and Mushroom (至尊三宝)and Supreme Lobster Paofan. If you are a beer lover, don’t forget to try the Lobster Mixed Platter and 3-Litres Amber Lager Tower package. Cheers!!

Thank you very much Jennifer Yeo Consultancy and George Town Tze Char & Craft Beer Team for hosting us.

Food & Drinks: 7.75/10
Value: 7.75/10
Service: N/A (Media Tasting)
Ambiance: 8.5/10
Budget per Person: $26 - $50; $51 - $80

George Town Tze Char & Craft Beer
81 Boat Quay
Singapore 049869
T: +65 6535 6277 / 9682 3826

IG: @Georgetowntzechar
OH: Daily 12.00 – 03.00

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