Wednesday 19 June 2024

H&C Café – A New & Better Choice for You [MEDIA INVITE]

H&C Café has launched a new menu focused on healthy, hearty, wholesome and delicious. To accompany the new culinary creation, H&C also introduced Fancy Chinese Tea range.

H&C Cafe

Part of Dining Area
There are 9 options for the Fancy Chinese Tea, and we only managed to try 3 of them.

Fancy Chinese Tea
Cold Brew Orchid Pu’erh Tea [$10.90] – Orchid Flower and Pu’erh Tea Leaves. I like the presentation; the bottle looks similar to XO Cognac. The tea has a strong Pu’erh flavour, is not bitter and with refreshing orchid aftertaste.

Cold Brew Orchid Pu’erh Tea 
Beau-tea-ful You [$14] – Mixed Dried Fruits, Rose, Strawberries and Dragon fruit & Tea-rrifically Healthy [$14] Chrysanthemum, Buckwheat Tea and Osmanthus. These teas are brewed using the Siphon method and poured into a glass teapot before servings. The Beau-tea-ful You is naturally sweet from the fruits and rose, with a touch of sourness from the berries. Meanwhile, the Tea-rrifically Healthy has a refreshing chrysanthemum flower with a slight bitter finish from the buckwheat. Each of the brews is only for 1 time only.

Siphon Method
Beau-tea-ful You 
Tea-rrifically Healthy
Moving to the food, we started with Crispy Squid [$18]. The squid is crunchy and the exterior is covered with spicy, sweet and savoury concoction. Once we drizzle the lime juice, the acidity brings a nice twang to the dish. A good start to the meal.

Crispy Squid
Hot & Sour Gyoza [$14]. The pan-fried chicken gyoza has a crispy and chewy texture. The tangy sour mustard greens soup, complemented by the sweetness from the cherry tomatoes opened up my appetite.

Hot & Sour Gyoza
Sticky Pork Ribs [$15.50]. Bite-size pork ribs, deep fried and coated with classic sweet vinegar glaze. The sweet and savoury flavour combo makes the pork ribs plus the longan make this dish irresistible.

Sticky Pork Ribs
Low Cal, Avocado Scallion Capellini [$22.50]. The scallion capellini is fragrant and smooth. The avocado, mushroom, nori and cherry tomatoes made the dish look healthy. Surprisingly, it brought up the nostalgic feeling, like I am eating high-end version of economic bee hoon.

Low Cal, Avocado Scallion Capellini 
Hot Sauce Prawn Pasta [$27.50]. The prawns are fresh and crunchy, while the capellini absorbs the rich and umami essence from the prawn and hot sauce. The kale adds a healthy and contrasting texture to the dish, while the egg confit helps to tame the spicy hot sauce.

Hot Sauce Prawn Pasta
Tomato Beef Stew [$19.50] served with sourdough. The beef cheek has a nice caramelisation and fork tender as well. The stew is light, tasty, tangy and a touch of Sichuan spice to perk up the stew. The crisp sourdough complements the stew nicely with its texture and to polish up the gravy. (*instead of sourdough, you can ask for scallion pancake).

Tomato Beef Stew 
Humble Grain Stone Bowl [$16.50]. A beautiful medley of vegetables and grains. There are mixed grains, potato, mixed mushrooms, fried kale, white sesame and scallion soy sauce. Each of the ingredients brought unique and tasty components to the dish, complemented by the charred from the hot stone bowl.

Humble Grain Stone Bowl
Salmon & Grains [$34]. Lovely seared salmon fillet with a crispy skin plated on the top of mixed grain tossed with scallion soy sauce. The charred Romaine lettuce adds a nice smoky flavour and crunchy texture. The avocado adds a rich creamy texture to the dish, while the squeeze of lemon binds all the ingredients together and remove any fishiness from the salmon.

Salmon & Grains
Squid Mixed Grain Rice Stew [$26.50]. A fusion creation that blends the East and West. The sour mustard green broth works well with the mixed grains, while the squid and cherry tomatoes brought exciting texture and burst of flavours to this dish. A delicious creation indeed.

Squid Mixed Grain Rice Stew 
Overall, I like the latest creations at H&C Café. The food is internationally inspired, creative and tasty, while maintaining the healthy and lower in calories principles. The Fancy Chinese Tea concoctions are also nice and easy to drink. Definitely a place to try. Cheers!!

Thank you, Kristine, Executive Chef Eugene and H&C Café team, for hosting us.

Food & Drink: 8.5/10
Value: 8/10
Service: N/A (Tasting Invitation)
Ambiance: 8.5/10
Budget per Person: $26 - $50

H&C Cafe
290 Orchard Road
#03-09 Paragon Shipping Centre
Singapore 238859

T: +65 9727 511
OH: Daily 11.00 – 20.30

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