Saturday 20 April 2013

PS. Cafe @ Harding – Beautiful Place for Social Gathering

When you come into Dempsey from Harding road entrance you will definitely see a unique and eye catching glass covered restaurant prior to the Dempsey cluster. On a rainy evening, the lights along the restaurant create a special warmth feeling, enticing you to walk in and enjoy the serene surroundings.

Friends of ours from Indonesia are in town, H&H suggested this place for dinner one night. Since we have been hearing rave reviews about this place, so we decided to give it a try. We arrived around 8+ after going round and round trying to find the entrance of the car park for the restaurant but after a while we discovered that there no car park nearby so we have to park at the side of the street. As it was a weekday, we were seated without any problem.

The ambiance here is excellent, if you want to impress someone for business or personal, this is definitely the place to go. The dining is area very cosy with dim lighting, similar to those candlelight dinner atmosphere. Not very friendly for taking pictures without flash, especially on my Blackberry camera. On a beautiful day, this place should be filled with natural lights coming through the windows.

For starters and mains we ordered PS Caesar with Rosemary Dijon Chicken ($26), Daily Special Hanging Tender ($55), Daily Special Pork Cutlet - $45, PS Burger ($29) and Flamed Prawn Tortiglioni ($28).

PS Caesar

The PS Caesar is generous in its serving and the chicken is well seasoned and tender. If I can find anything lacking, will be not enough dressing on the salad. The PS Burger is tender and juicy as it should be. Just a good simple burger.

PS Burger

DS Pork Cutlet, use the meat from pork loin cut. Came from the similar cut of beef rib eye. The meat is tender, but it seems to be a little pass done on the cooking time. DS Hanging Tender is very ordinary. It is similar to a daily stew beef that you can do at home with some vegetables. Although we did not try the Tortiglioni that my friend ordered but the feedback that I received is also ordinary.

DS Pork Cutlet

DS Hanging Tender
Flamed Prawn Tortiglioni 

For desserts, we have the sticky date pudding with ice cream ($14.90) This is different compare to the pudding that you normally received during Christmas. It is soft, moist, and tasty. The butterscotch is just excellent and combines well with the ice cream that melts on the top of the pudding. The best dish of the night. Yummyy!!

Desserts Menu
sticky date pudding with ice cream

Service is okay, but for a place of this standard, you expect more on its food and service. It is difficult to catch the service staffs' attention because they can hardly see you due to the dim lights.

Overall, since the best dish of the day is the sticky date pudding, we will probably only return for the cakes and desserts. The other food is just ordinary and the price of the daily special basically a day light robbery. If you really need to have some main meals, stick with the items in main menu and avoid the specials. Cheers!!

Food & Drink: 5/10 (Dessert 9/10)
Value: 5/10
Service: 6.5/10
Ambiance: 8/10

PS Cafe @ Harding
28B Harding Road
Singapore 249549

Tel: 6479 3343
Op Hours:
Weekdays, 11.30 – Midnight (2AM on Fri Night)
Weekends, 09.30 – 02.00 (Midnight on Sun night)
Menu available on the website, except for the desserts and cakes.

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