Monday 30 September 2013

[CLOSED] The Lawn @ Shenton Way: Bringing Meat Your Greens to the CBD

With the success of its first outlet in Biopolis, “Meat Your Greens” team decided to bring the concept to the heart of the Central Business District in Singapore. What a better place to cater to the busy but health conscious Singaporean other than in Shenton Way.

In case that you are curious on the concept of The Lawn at Biopolis, you can click here for the review.

Located on the food section of Basement 1 of AXA Tower, The Lawn is not hard to find. The décor is simple, neat and look huge with long salad bar for your to choose your toppings. The full size glass wall allow the passerby to see what's on offer in the restaurant. The grill are placed at the and with good air circulation you won't come out smelling like your food.

The Front Counter
The Salads Section
The Grill (behind the mesh)
As The Lawn concept is based on a salad bar, the following is the SOP on placing your order:
  1. Choose Base: Salad or Olive Rice (for those that need their carbohydrate)
  2. Choose your Grill (protein: such as chicken, prawn, dory fish, duck, beef or even vegetables)
  3. For Salad Box, Choose your toppings & dressings, you have 26 type toppings (such as vegetables, fruits, pasta, nuts, cheese, etc) and 9 types of dressing options. For Olive rice, you have a standard side salad with no dressing.

The first thing that I noticed when they serve the salad bowl is the size. Lets just say it is 25% bigger than the size in Biopolis. Base on their past experience, the team has created three Chef's pick of top salad combination: Sweet & Chick, Hunky Dory and Crunches with Munches.

Different Salads Combination

Different Salads Combination

I personally like to choose my own salad and toppings. My top pick from the grill is Butter Seared Pacific Dory with parsley rub. It is tender and juicy , the portion of the dory is very generous, while the parsley rub helps to remove any fishy smell in the dory. The prawns are another seafood option, it is fresh and juicy, however I don't think the portion deliver a good value for money compare to fish.

Butter Seared Pacific Dory with parsley rub

Prawns with Garlic, Ben's Beef Rub & Teriyaki Chicken
For those who prefer chicken, you can have the selection of chicken breast or chicken thigh. For something sweet, try their maple infusion. For TexMex flair, go with the cajun chicken. I will personally choose the chicken thigh, as it is more juicy and tender.

Cajun Chicken
The major improvement that I like about The Lawn in Shenton Way is their coffee machine. They decided to get serious and invest a bit more on their coffee machine to accompany the beans from Smitten. The outcome is a consistent, smooth and creamy cup of coffee that won't disappoint you.


To end the meal, or if you want to have some to satisfy your sweet tooth, the cakes are from Gobi while their tiramisu is from The Tiramisu Hero. The chocolate cake and green tea get my thumbs up where both are light in texture with a nice balance in flavour.



The service is minimum. The order process goes like this, Chop your seat (Yes, we are very Singaporean), take your order sheet, tick your selections and go to the counter to pay. The food will then be delivered to you. Price starting at $8.90 for Olive Rice and $9.90 for Salad. For grill Chicken / vegetables +$3, Fish / Duck / Prawns +$4 and Beef +$5.

Overall, The Lawn has bring the “Meat Your Greens” concept for those health conscious people in Shenton Way. The price is not cheap, but it is reasonable. With the quality of the food here, I believe it will satisfy your cravings for good food and watching your figure at the same time. Cheers!!

Thanks to Jonathan and The Lawn team for the invitation. 

Food & Drink: 7.5/10
Value: N/A
Service: 6/10
Ambiance: 7/10

The Lawn @ Shenton Way
8 Shenton Way
#B1-11, AXA Tower
Singapore 068811

T: 6534 8749
OH: Weekday 10.30 – 21.00

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