Wednesday 13 November 2013

Quality Cafe – Presenting Quality Authentic Asian Buffet

Popiah Station

Quality Cafe at Quality Hotel Marlow are renowned by supper lovers in Singapore as a place to go for Taiwan Porridge Buffet. However, don't be misled by the name of Taiwan Porridge Buffet, expect to see buffet dishes to fill your stomach.

Helmed by Chef Donald Sai, with more than 27 years experience in F&B industry, Quality Cafe launched Authentic Asian Buffet for lunch. This buffet consist of many popular local dishes such as laksa, popiah, chicken rice, roast duck, cereal prawn, steamed sea bass with olive, otah and lots more from soup to desserts.

To start, I recommend you start with popiah. Popiah is a Hokkien style type of spring roll, where the skin are made thinly from sticky soft dough. The skin here is very moist and soft, with the right thickness. The vegetables, sweet sauce and chilli is well balance. The fillings is not wet and the crush peanuts gave the crunchy texture. The best part, there is chef stationed there to make sure you get the best popiah every time.


Next is the bowl of Laksa. The ingredients here is very simple. Rice noodle, bean sprout, fish cake, boiled eggs, the laksa gravy, laksa leaf and chilli. The gravy has is quite thick and full of coconut flavour. In Peranakan terms, the lemak is quite shiok. Simple but delicious.

Laksa Station


For main meal, the chicken rice here is a must try. The rice if fragrant and flavourful. The rice cooked to al-dente with a good chicken stock. The chicken is quite tender especially the thigh part, however the breast can be a bit though. The plus side, they also Thai Chicken Feet. Rather than chicken feet, it is more like the skin from the chicken feet. It is crunchy and springy in texture. The marination is just right for my palate, not overly spicy. They also provide the full condiments such as chilli, ginger juice, dark soy sauce and acar (spicy pickled cucumber)

Thai Chicken Feet & Steam Chicken

The Condiments

Chicken Rice ++

Some dishes to accompany the chicken rice is their Otah and Roast Duck. The Otah is the Chef Special Dish and made in house in Quality Cafe's kitchen. It has a nice texture, smooth and resilient at the same time. It can be slightly salty, which Chef Donald mention is due to the Thai Chilli Paste. The roast duck has a nice crispy skin and the meat is very tender.

Otah & Roast Duck

For fish lover, they serve a huge steam sea bass with dried turnip (cai bo). The sea bass is quite huge, about 50 cm long. The cooking method and olive really bring out the taste of sea bass. However, as it is left in the bain marie, the steam fish slowly become over cook and harden. The frog leg that are fried with spring onion and ginger here is also quite huge. It is one of the biggest size frog leg I ever see. I heard that the more frog legs you eat, the stronger your leg become in swimming.

Steam Sea Bass with Turnip
Frog Leg

Like many buffet places, there are some dishes that not up to standard. In this case, I would not suggest the Char Kway Teow, or any of their deep fried stuff.

If you have enough of your fill, time to move on to desserts. Build your won Cendol or Ice Kacang is available. You can choose your own ingredients to create your Singapore cold desserts just the way you like it. Or you can choose from range of peranakan desserts or goreng pisang with your coffee or tea.

Little Devil's Chendol

Peranakan Desserts

The service staff here is very attentive and efficient to clear the dirty plates from your table. During our weekday lunch here, the cafe is pretty packed.

Overall, if you are looking for quality buffet of Singapore local food, you can give Quality Cafe a try. The price is very reasonable and you can get the authentic Singaporean food. See the brochure below for more details. Cheers!!

Thank you Faith and Quality Cafe team for the food tasting invitation.

Food & Drink: 7/10
Value: 8/10
Service: 7/10
Ambiance: 6.5/10

Quality Cafe
201 Balestier Road
Quality Hotel Marlow
Level 1.
Singapore 329926

Tel: 6233 6363
Op Hours:
Lunch 11.30 – 14.30 Daily
Dinner 18.00 – 20.00 Daily

Supper 20.30 – 00.30 Daily

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