Thursday 8 October 2015

Korean Fusion BBQ – Pork Belly Heaven [MEDIA INVITE]

Korean Fusion BBQ @ Dunlop Street

The term of Fusion in Korean Fusion BBQ ('KFBBQ') really means that it cover a wide range of variety. For starter KFBBQ not just about BBQ, but it also have the steamboat in their latest outlet in Dunlop Street. Meanwhile the flavour of the marinate here not only focus Korean, but it also include variety Chinese, Thai and Singaporean flavours as well.

BBQ & Steamboat Combo

Staircase to Pork Belly Heaven

Pork lovers will definitely love this place. There are 10 type of marinated pork belly: Original, Black Pepper, Korean Spicy, Thai Spicy, Herbal, Char Siew, Curry, Green Curry, Garlic and Mongolian. Well, make it 11 with streaky bacon as well.

First Column: Original, Black Pepper and Korean Spicy Pork Belly
Second Column: Thai Spicy, Herbal and Char Siew Pork Belly
Third Column: Curry, Green Curry and Garlic Pork Belly
Fourth Column: Mongolian, Spicy Fish and Streaky Bacon

First to Third Column up-closed
Little Devil and I tried all type of the pork belly and our picks are Herbal and Korean Spicy. Not saying that the rest is not good, it just these flavours are in agreement with our taste buds

Pork Belly in BBQ

Other than Pork Belly, KFBBQ also have different cuts of pork, chicken and marinated beef with bulgogi and black pepper. For something more local, there is luncheon meat, sausages, seafood and mushrooms. Some of the selections can be used for both BBQ and steamboat.

1st & 2nd Column: Beef Chipolata, Thin Sliced Beef, Beef Short Rib, Bulgogi Beef, Luncheon Meat & Black Pepper Beef
3rd & 4th Column: Pork Chipolata, Thin Sliced Pork, Pork Collar, Spicy Pork Bulgogi, Spicy Chicken & Garlic Chicken
5th Column: Squid, Cuttlefish and Bamboo Clams

Of course Korean food will not be complete without the kimchi. Unfortunately during the night, it was not at its best. However, we did find a gem in appetizer. It is the pickled mango. It is light, refreshing and really opens up our appetite. We loved it so much, we polish up about three bowls for the night.

Appetizer, Kimchi, Fruits and Salad

Appetizer - Pickled Mango 

Currently there are 3 types of soup base you can choose for steamboat. Herbal, clam and tomato soup. We sample Clam which is more towards Korean flair which has the sweetness of the clams, and Herbal which is robust infused with Chinese flavour. Some ingredients to go with the steamboat are cheese tofu, cheese sausage, crab stick, chikuwa, sotong ball and korean fish cake.

Herbal Soup Base

cheese tofu, cheese sausage, crab stick, chikuwa, sotong ball, korean fish cake and assorted mushrooms

With more that 50 items on its regular menu, you will be spoilt for choice. I have to admit, I have been to a lot of Korean BBQ buffet, but none of them come close to the selection here. Of course you can be picky and say that they don't have Korean cooked food here. However, you are here for the BBQ and steamboat. We are pretty satisfied with free flow of soft drinks and ice cream.

Free Flow of Drinks and Ice Cream

Ice Cream Selection:
 Coconut, Lemon Sherbet, Double Chocolate and Green Tea

Another attraction here is DIY Korean pancake. Due to shape of the BBQ, it is best to keep the shape small. We tried to do 2 medium sizes and fail until the expert steps in and teach us how to do it. The step by step way to make the pancake is first to grill the toppings, follow by cooking the base, put the topping on top of the base and cover the topping with the batter again. When its ready, flip it over and wait until its cooked. Dip it with the pan cake sauce and enjoy your creation.

Our failed DIY Korean Pancake - too big

Mini Korean Pancake - The Correct Way

If you like a more premium meat, you can upgrade for $10 per pax for 4 type of free flow premium meat. These include Japanese Wagyu Beef, Angus Premium Beef, Iberico Pork and Wakanui New Zealand grain feed beef. I must say, if you are a beef lover, you must choose for this upgrade. The meat is thinly sliced, with a nice marbling and melts in your mouth. It reminds me of my Kagoshima Wagyu Buffet. Yum Yum.

Japanese Wagyu Beef, Angus Premium Beef,
 Iberico Pork and Wakanui New Zealand grain feed beef

Located in Dunlop street, just off Jalan Besar the roadside parking here can be a nightmare. I suggest you park at Sim Lim tower and cross the road or be patient and circle around. The decoration is simple but the restaurant is well air-conditioned. However, like many BBQ place ventilation is not very good so expect to smell like bbq meat when you finished your meal.

Part of Dining Area

Overall finding about Korean Fusion BBQ has been a pleasant surprise. It is value for money and totally deliver on the PORKGASM experience. I would not mind paying extra for a more 'atas' protein selection. So if you are looking for your Korean Fix give this place a try. Cheers!!

Thank you very much to HungryGoWhere and Korean Fusion BBQ team for the tasting invitation.

Food & Drink: 7.5/10
Value: 8/10
Service: N/A (Tasting Invitation)
Ambiance: 7/10
Budget per Person: $11 - $25; $26 - $50

Korean Fusion BBQ
@Little India Conservation Area
5 Dunlop Street
Singapore 209355

T: +65 9232 2367
Sun – Thu: 11.00 – 15.00; 17.30 – 23.00
Fri – Sat: 11.00 – 15.00; 17.30 – Midnight

Buffet Price:
Lunch Mon – Fri: Adult $18.90+, Child $6.90+
Lunch Sat – Sun: Adult $21.90+, Child $9.90+
Dinner Mon – Thu: Adult $24.90+, Child $12.90+
Dinner Fri – Sun: Adult $27.90+, Child $15.90+

Other Location
Korean Fusion BBQ @ Changi Village
3 Changi Village Road
Singapore 500003

T: +65 6542 1230
OH: Daily 17.30 – 23.30

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