Thursday 21 April 2016

[CLOSED] ChokChai Mookata – A Better Experience [MEDIA INVITE]

ChokChai Mookata

Mookata, the renowned combination of BBQ and shabu-shabu originated from Thailand which has gathered decent followers in Singapore. A google search to check for the mookata places in Singapore, the list can be considered very extensive.

ChokChai Mookata Shop

I had my virgin experience with mookata a few years back and I have been avoiding it since. The reason being it is slow to cook and I “hate” it when you bbq the meat / sausage or balls, the food just take a tumble into the shabu-shabu section.

First thing that I noticed in ChokChai Mookata is the bbq pan. There is a mini gate surrounding the bbq section, so the bbq food will not roll to the soup. Wohoo!! Something to look forward.

ChokChai Mookata pan

We started with $45 set menu, which is good for set fo 4 -5 pax. The set include Thai black pepper chicken, Thai garlic lean meat, pork belly, prawn, sotong, scallops, pork balls, crab stick, fish ball, hot dog, xiao bai cai, cabbage, golden mushroom, sweet corn, carrot, tang hoon and egg.

Set Menu

$45 Set Menu for 4 to 5 pax

The same principal as steamboat, you first cooked the food that takes a longer time to cook, such as: corn, carrots and cabbage into the shabu-shabu section. According to Len (one of the owner of ChokChai), the soup base used here is made from radish and some secret ingredients. For me it was robust and tasty. For the grill, you started by lubricating the grill pan using the pork lard provided and followed by any meat that you want.

1st step - lard on the grill

The sauce accompanying this Mookata is green and red chilli dips. The green is close to the chilli used for seafood, slightly tangy and salty. While the red chilli has more kick and pretty spicy. We were told it is better not to mix the two chilli together, eat them separately.

Red Chilli dip

Green Chilli dip

Prawns and scallops are fresh. While the black pepper chicken and garlic lean meat are well seasoned, that exudes the flavour upon grilling it. I personally like the pork belly, that I wish that it will have a bigger serving. If you want beef or more meat, you can order ala-carte.

In Progress
Check out the Prawn

Pork Belly - Yum Yum

As the meat cooked, some of the oil will slowly drip to the shabu-shabu which added some sweetness and flavours to the broth. The gentle boil in the shabu-shabu section provided a good place to cook the pork liver ($6 ala-carte) The broth is free flow and can be top up as you wish.

Ala-Carte Menu

Pork Liver

Free Flow of Soup

For the side dish, there is Thai Papaya salad $5. To sum it up, it is very spicy. In case you are wondering, the folks that prepare this Mookata are two Thai ladies. So you can be assure of its Thai origin.

Thai Papaya Salad - Somtam

ChokChai Mookata is located in the coffeeshop of Block 340 Ang Mo Kio avenue 1. The place is very spacious, bright and has a very good ventilation.

About ChokChai Mookata

Overall, ChokChai Mookata has changed my opinion on Mookata. To be frank, it is still not my first choice but I am more open to it now. It was a better experience compare to my first. As the food cooked slower than the usual BBQ or Steamboat, it is best to enjoy Mookata with the company of your friends. Cheers!!

Thanks to Len for the tasting invitation.

Food & Drink: 7/10
Value: 7.5/10
Service: n/a (tasting invitation)
Ambiance: 7/10
Budget per Person: $11 - $25

ChokChai Mookata
Blk 340 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1
Singapore 560340

T: +65 9778 3942
OH: Daily 17.00 – 23.00

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