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[CLOSED] One Bowl – Quality Traditional Cuisine in a Bowl [MEDIA INVITE]

Signature Char Siew Rice @ One Bowl Restaurant and Bar

Owner / Executive Chef Tammie Loke is someone who likes cooking and enjoys entertaining her friends with her culinary creation. Unimpressed with the drop of traditional food in Singapore, she decided to extend her hospitality to the public through One Bowl Restaurant and Bar.

The Sultan Hotel

One Bowl Restaurant & Bar

Conforming to its name, One Bowl focus on one bowl dishes, which allow the guest to enjoy satisfying meal individually as well as in a group. Those come in a group can experience more value through sharing their meal with each other, with offerings from mains to sides for sharing.

Part of the Spread on the Night

One Bowl Signature Char Siew dishes are definitely something that you must try. It comes in two version, Signature Char Siew Noodles ($9.90) and Signature Char Siew Rice ($10.90). The exterior of the char siew is crisp and nicely caramelised. The interior is fatty and the meat just melts in your mouth. #Porkgasm indeed.

 Signature Char Siew Noodles 

The noodle is similar to Thai wanton mee. The noodle is specially made, it is thin and springy, drizzle with sesame oil, soy sauce, fried garlic and spring onions.

Vegetable Soup

For the rice version, the char siew is served on the bed of garlic rice and egg. The garlic rice is aromatic with al-dente texture. I like the smokiness of this dish, while the vegetable soup definitely warms up your stomach.

Signature Char Siew Rice

Signature Char Siew Rice

The Char Siew also come in the side dish bun version. Signature Char Siew in Fried or Steam Mantou ($5 for 2 pcs, $12 for 6 pcs). One Bowl Version of sliders and we had the Fried Mantou version. The fried mantou offers a combination of crisp and fluffy texture with the melt in your mouth Char Siew. It is unique and irresistible creation.

Signature Char Siew in Fried Mantou 

Claypot Rice ($11.90) – Special Claypot Chicken Rice with salted fish and Chinese sausages. The dish is actually served in a ceramic bowl instead of traditional claypot. The lap cheong and yun chang gave the unique flavour to this dish and the chicken is tender and succulent. I like the generous bits of salted fish hidden in the rice. Feels like flavour bomb when you bit into it. The only thing missing here is the usual charred aroma from the traditional claypot, which is not easy to replicate without the claypot.

Claypot Rice

Pig Trotters in Vinegar with Ginger & Egg ($11.90). Stewed pig trotters in Vinegar served with ginger and egg. First slurp of the vinegar broth, you will be awakened by the tanginess of the vinegar followed with warmth from the ginger and the sweetness of the pork trotters. The meat just falls off the bone with the springy texture of the skin is just delightful. The hard boil eggs absorb the braising liquid nicely. It is served with a bowl of white rice to make it a complete meal.

Pig Trotters in Vinegar with Ginger & Egg

Beyond the main dishes, you side dishes are enjoyable as well. There are two type of tofu you can choose from: Braised Tofu with Ginger Sauce ($10) and Cold Tofu with Pork Floss and Century Eggs ($10). Don’t ask me to recommend which one is better, I personally find both dishes have its own uniqueness.

Cold Tofu with Pork Floss and Century Eggs

The cold tofu basking in premium soy sauce is smooth and silky just elevate the freshness in this dish. The additional of pork floss and century egg add to the umami flavour in this appetizer. Meanwhile, the braised tofu does wonders to slowly warms up your appetite and stomach, as the ginger flavour kicks in after each bite.

Braised Tofu with Ginger Sauce at the back

Ngoh Hiang ($13) is a straightforward traditional version. It is crispy externally and crunchy internally from the mini chopped chestnuts in between chunk of prawns and pork. It is served with spicy homemade chilli and sweet sauce.

Ngo Hiang

Desserts menu are limited; however, they did not overlook on the quality. The green tea / black sesame ice cream or Yuzu sorbet ($3.80) each has the quality of those served in a high-end Japanese restaurant. The Aiyu Jelly with Aloe Vera is indeed refreshing and it provides a good ending with traditional Tong Sui.


The drinks menu is extensive. If you are into something milky and sweet, give their smoothies a try. The Mocha got my pick (Not on the menu yet).

Drinks: Ice Lemon Tea, Banana Smoothie, Mocha Smoothie and Shirley Temple

The ambience of One Bowl is quite special. The main wall is decorated with different motifs of bowls surrounded with spoons, each group of bowl and spoons resemble a sun.  Meanwhile, each table uses thick cut of woods that are uneven in size and length, makes you feel like that you are having a meal in a traditional rural village.

Bowls and Spoons Decor on the main wall

Part of the dining area

Overall, One Bowl Restaurant and Bar sure set a standard for the One Bowl Singaporean Cuisine. Those who like fatty char siew, you definitely need to add this to your must-visit list. For those who don’t like fatty food, you can definitely find something good to satisfy you here. Cheers!!

The Bar Section

Thank you very much to Ivan Teh Running Man for the invite; Annie, Tammie and One Bowl Team for hosting the tasting session.

Food & Drink: 7.75/10
Value: 7.75/10
Service: N/A (Media Invite)
Ambiance: 7.75/10
Budget per Person: $11- $25, $26 - $50.

One Bowl Restaurant and Bar
101 Jalan Sultan
Lobby, The Sultan Hotel
Singapore 199002

T: +65 6291 9020
IG: @Onebowlsg
OH: Daily 07.30 – 15.00, 16.00 – 22.00

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