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Fat Belly Social – The Best Second Cut Steakhouse in Singapore

Steaks @ Fat Belly Social
Fat Belly Social Steakhouse (“FBSS”) is the second concept by the Fat Belly Group, helmed by Executive Chef Victor Loy. Fat Belly is known for its use of the best second cut meat, prepared and presented classically. FBSS is also known to use all parts of plants and animals in its effort to ensure overall sustainability.

We visited FBSS in November 2021, for my birthday celebration. At that time, we are still under 2 people dine-in restriction and FBSS had a promotion Steak Set for 2 at $208. Which include 1 small plate, 2 cuts of meat and 1 dessert.

Grilled Ox Tongue
We started with Grilled Ox Tongue. Thick slices of ox tongue and grilled to perfection. Instead of chewy, the tongue is surprisingly tender and almost melts in your mouth. The shaved fennel is crunchy, while the salsa verde provides an acidic touch to the dish. Of course, for those who like spicy, you can bite the jalapeno that will give you a spicy kick.

Grilled Ox Tongue
Grilled Octopus ($24). Since it is also our favourite protein, we decided to add this to our order. It is smoky and nicely grilled. The sauce on top is made from tripe and nduja (spreadable pork sausage) deliver a creamy with a bit of spicy flavour on it. The shaved fennel adds a touch of crunchiness to the dish. Definitely, did not regret our decision.

Grilled Octopus
Grilled Octopus
For the steak, we have Pure Black Barley-Fed Angus Short Rib and Blue Label Full Blood Wagyu MS8/9 Rib Cap. In signature FBSS style, the steaks are served on a huge communal plate nestle in a grand metal tray. The tray is too big for the square table; therefore, it needs to be elevated with a stand to fit on the table.

Blue Label Full Blood Wagyu MS8/9 Rib Cap (Top)
Pure Black Barley-Fed Angus Short Rib (Bottom)
Each steak has a nice sear on its exterior, giving them a crispy crust. The wagyu rib cap has a nice marbling, tender and juicy. Meanwhile, the short-rib has a dry-aged feel to it. The meat is succulent with a bit of resilience that delivers a nice bite to the flesh.

Blue Label Full Blood Wagyu MS8/9 Rib Cap (Top)
Pure Black Barley-Fed Angus Short Rib (Bottom)
The steaks are served with roasted garlic and vine tomatoes. LD enjoyed both with the steak, but I give the roasted garlic a pass, instead, I delve into the juicy vine tomatoes.

The Crisply Crust, Vine Tomatoes and Roasted Garlic
For the sauce, we ordered bordelaise and salsa verde. Bordelaise sauce is rich, creamy but with a touch of acidity. It is made from dry red wine, bone marrow, butter and shallots. However, the salsa verde just hits the spot for us. As the steaks are rich and fatty, the acidity from the salsa verde helps to cuts the richness from the steak.

Salsa Verde
My 1st plate, with Salsa Verde and Bordelaise Sauce
For the side dish, we order Crusted Mac & Cheese. Highly recommended by our service staff. Instead of the usual macaroni, FBSS use casarecce pasta, grated truffle and three cheese. The pasta is more chewy compare to the regular macaroni, while the grated truffle and cheeses are rich, umami and satisfying.

Crusted Mac & Cheese
Casarecce Pasta
Dessert is Burnt Cheesecake with Raspberry sorbet. The burnt cheesecake presentation is Instagram worthy, the middle part of the cheesecake was oozing when it reaches our table. The exterior has a nice bitter burnt flavour, good to offset the solid, rich and pungent cheese. The raspberry sorbet is just yum, plus it helps to cuts through the strong cheesecake. The sorbet is so good, I don’t mind having a scoop of it on its own as a dessert.

Burnt Cheesecake with Raspberry Sorbet
Burnt Cheesecake with Raspberry Sorbet
The décor of the main dining area has a simple and classic feel to it. The wooden floor, with green and white wall, remind you of a barn. While the animated animal paintings on the wall, showcasing the happy protein on the menu. The seats are catered to different group sizes. At the entrance, you have the bar area, followed by an oval marble table for communal dining plus square tables in the middle and at the windows, you have a settee area with square tables, which can be easily moved to accommodate bigger group dining. Service is friendly, knowledgeable and excellent.

Oval Marble Table - Part of the Dining Area
Settee Area with Square Tables
Overall, it was a great experience dining at the second Fat Belly Concept. The menu is well-curated and the overall dining experience is just memorable. I like the way FBSS uses more parts of the animals and plants, hopefully, they will introduce nose to tail dining experience in the future. Looking forward to our next visit here. Cheers!!

Food & Drinks: 8.75/10
Value: 7/10
Service: 8.75/10
Ambiance: 8/10
Budget per Person: $81 & Above

Meadesmoore (from 8 Mar 2022) 
Fat Belly Social Steakhouse
21A Boon Tat Street
Singapore 069620

T: +65 6227 2247
Mon – Wed: 11.30 – 15.00; 17.30 – 22.00
Thu – Fri: 11.30 – 15.00; 17.30 – 23.00
Sat: 17.30 – 23.00
Sun: Closed
Menu is available online

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