Sunday 27 February 2022

Le Chasseur – Good Zhi Char

Le Chasseur is not a French restaurant or bistro, instead, it is a Zhi Char place. It has been on my food radar for a while, but I have not got a chance to give it a try until the turn of this year with two makan kakis

Le Chasseur
Located in Eunos industrial area, Le Chasseur occupied the whole canteen on block 27. One-third of the seating area is allocated specifically for Le Chasseur customers, while the rest are open to other hawker stalls.

For those who have never been to Le Chasseur, you need to go to the counter to get the order sheet / menu, fill it up and pass it to the counter or the service staff. It was my first time here, so actually went to the counter as no one approached me. You only pay your bill after you finish eating. For drinks, you need to order and pay at the drink stall.

Order Sheet - Jan 2022
Claypot Chicken Rice ($13, small). When the service staff brought this dish to the table, he also helps us do the mixing. He was gentle on the sweet sauce, therefore not all the rice turned brown and become overly sweet. It has a nice smoky aroma, accompanied by succulent chicken meat. The rice is a little over al-dente and you taste the salted fish in between scoops of the rice. Though it is nice, I find it is lacking the OMPH factor. At first, I thought the portion is small, however, it can easily feed 2 to 3 pax.

Claypot Chicken Rice
Ngor Hiang ($5). Crispy exterior, followed by juicy and succulent fillings with intermittent crunchy texture from the chestnut bits. It is very tasty and delicious; we ordered another plate so everyone got enough.

Ngor Hiang
Barbequed Cuttlefish ($4 / 100 gram). The presentation looks very photogenic; however, the texture did not meet the expectation. It is hard and chewy. I will give this dish a miss.

Barbequed Cuttlefish 
Bitter Gourd with Beef ($10). This dish has a nice Wok Hei, while the beef is tender and juicy. The bitter gourd is sliced in a way that only gets the flesh part, nowhere near the seeds. Not bitter at all.

Bitter Gourd with Beef 
Crispy Pork Knuckle ($30, medium). Crispy and crunchy crackling skin, followed by the rich gelatinous fats under the skin and succulent flesh. While most fried pork knuckles have a burnt part, the version here is just perfect. It looks great and delivers an awesome taste. It is served with a vinegar dipping sauce to cuts through the fats from the pork. A must-order dish here.

Crispy Pork Knuckle - Front 
Crispy Pork Knuckle - Back 
Emperor Sprout with Egg ($8). This mini kai lan look-alike vegetable is not my favourite vegetable because of the slimy texture in each bite. However, Le Chasseur stir-fried this vegetable with egg and manage to cover the sliminess in the vegetables. Turning it into a pleasant dish for me.

Emperor Sprout with Egg 
Preserved Radish Omelette ($6). When this dis dish arrived, we realised that we had most probably over-ordered, but you can’t go wrong with eggs. Fragrant, fluffy with generous cai poh bits. Yum

Preserved Radish Omelette 
Overall, with a catchy name like Le Chasseur, this zhi char place surely get your attention. The Crispy Pork Knuckle, Claypot Rice, Ngor Hiang and Bitter Gourd dishes are must-order dishes. Most of them are nice and comforting and I will be back to try the rest. Cheers!!

Food & Drink: 7.5/10
Value: 8.5/10
Service: 6/10
Ambiance: N/A - Coffeeshop
Budget per Person: $11 - $25

Le Chasseur
27 Eunos Road 2
Singapore 409387

T: +65 6337 7677
OH: Daily 11.30 – 15.00; 17.30 – 21.30

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