Sunday 6 November 2022

Gochi-So Shokudo – Nice Porkgasm Experience [MEDIA INVITE]

Gochi-So Shokudo is a homegrown pork-centric Japanese casual dining restaurant. It uses the highest grade of pork, Black Iberico and Kurobuta pork and enhances the original flavour of the pork using the finest grade of charcoal combined with special dipping sauces. Currently, Gochi-So Shokudo has 14 outlets in Singapore, located in shopping centres and CBD.

Gochi-So Shokudo @Jewel

Gochi-So Shokudo @Jewel
Gochi-So Shokudo just launched their Truffle Fair theme, available from 1st November to 14th December 2022. The dishes curated for the Truffle Fair are Truffle Cheese Mille Feuille ($18.90) and Truffle Chestnut Pork Jowl Don ($12.90).

Gochi-So Shokudo @Jewel
Dipping Sauces on the Table
The Truffle Cheese Mille Feuille is thinly sliced pork collar, layered with truffle and mushroom, cheddar cheese then coated in their homemade fresh bread crumbs and deep-fried to perfection. The result is a crispy and crunchy exterior, followed by juicy pork with oozing cheese infused with fragrant mushroom and truffle flavour. Yummy.

Truffle Cheese Mille Feuille Set 
Truffle Cheese Mille Feuille 
It is served in a set, with a bowl of Japanese pearl rice, fresh cabbage with sesame dressing, and miso soup. Not forgetting a bowl of roasted sesame, where you have to manually grind it and mix it with the sauce served. What a complete meal.

Truffle Cheese Mille Feuille with Oozing Cheese 
Miso Soup
The Truffle Chestnut Pork Jowl Don, consists of lightly grilled chestnut pork jowl over Japanese binchotan charcoal, drizzle with the truffle, housemade sauce and accompanied by mushrooms and onsen egg on top of the Japanese pearl rice.

Truffle Chestnut Jowl Don
The pork jowl has a lovely smokey aroma. The flesh is juicy, succulent and when you mixed all the ingredients, it turns out to be a lovely donburi.

Truffle Chestnut Jowl
While the two dishes above are available during the truffle fair, we also tried some of their signature dishes. Iberico Secreto (Black Char Siew, $9.80 for 6 pcs). The black char siew is grilled on Japanese binchotan charcoal, delivering a delightful smoky aroma. The char siew is juicy, sweet and just melts in your mouth. It is served with pickled ginger to balance the fattiness in the dish. I can have this anytime.

Iberico Secreto
Iberico Secreto
Ebi Katsu ($5.80, 2 pcs). These two jumbo prawns have a nice crispy exterior, while the prawns’ flesh is juicy and crunchy. It is served with tartar sauce, yet we find the ebi katsu is tasty on its own. A must order here.

Ebi Katsu
Ebi Katsu
Iberico Loin Katsu ($12.80). The signature Tonkatsu at Gochi-So Shokudo. The pork loin is deep fried to perfection and on the meat, you can see two sections, the fatty part and the lean part. It is juicy, succulent and together with dipping sauce, you can easily polish off a bowl of rice.

Ebi Katsu & Iberico Loin Katsu
 Iberico Loin Katsu
 Iberico Loin Katsu
Located at B1 at Jewel Changi Airport, it is an open-concept seating with the background of the rain vortex. Although you can’t see the whole rain vortex, you can see the water flowing down and the changes in the lights during the performance time. The décor is casual, using light colour wood for most of the furniture and black granite table tops for some of the moveable tables.

Dining Area
Part of the Dining Area
Overall, we enjoy our dinner at Gochi-So Shokudo. The Truffle Cheese Mille Feuille and Truffle Chestnut Pork Jowl Don are very good and value for money. Meanwhile, the rest of the dishes that we tried are above average as well. A must-try for Tonkatsu & pork lovers. Kanpai!! Cheers!!

Gochi-So Shokudo Truffle Fair
When: 1st Nov – 14th December 2022.
Where: All Gochi-So Shokudo Outlets
Dishes: Truffle Cheese Mille Feuille & Truffle Chestnut Jowl Don

Thank you very much Jennifer Yeo Consultancy and Team Gochi-So Shokudo for hosting us.

Food & Drink: 7.75/10
Value: 9/10
Service: 7/10
Ambiance: 7.5/10
Budget per Person: $10 - $25

Gochi-So Shokudo @Jewel
78 Airport Blvd
#B1-289-290, Jewel Changi Airport
Singapore 819666

Sun – Thu: 11.30 – 21.30
Fri & Sat: 11.30 – 22.00
Check out their Facebook page for the list of outlets and special promotions

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