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A massage gun is one of the best equipment to have when your muscle is feeling sore and in need of quick relief. I like a good body massage, but sometimes it is just not practical to spend 60 minutes on a massage table when only a small area in your body needs to be “tenderised”.

The team from MYODIVE offered to send MYODIVE SONICTM MASSAGE GUN for me to review. After a quick check on their product, I agreed to the offer. I purchased a budget massage gun previously and was unhappy with the result. The budget massage gun feels heavy and the vibration only touches the skin’s surface instead of going deep into the tissue. The battery also does not last very long, usually I need to recharge it after 30 minutes of use.

In the box
So, what do I like about MYODIVE SONICTM MASSAGE GUN
· SeamlessTrack™ German Brushless Motor Technology
· The premium feel. It is made with best-in-class materials and parts.
· It is very quiet, just like the sound of my standing fan and it delivers a great power. The technical term is arguably the highest power to sound and power to weight ratio of any massage gun on the market, Myodive Sonic™’s incredible engineering enables the massage gun to extract an astonishing 18kg of force below 45 db.
· It is ultra-light 800g of net weight. I can hold on to it for a long time without getting your wrists sore.
· It comes with 5 speeds, 1300 up to 3200 RPM
· Long battery life, up to 6 hours working time.

In the pack, MYODIVE SONICTM MASSAGE GUN comes with 5 types of Attachment Heads. They are the Ball Head, Fork Head, Bullet Head, Flat Head and Air Cushion Head. Please refer to the picture below for the type of muscle. I like those with wider surfaces, like Ball Head and Air Cushion Head because I have lower pain tolerance.

Image Credit: MYODIVE

Image Credit: MYODIVE
Which area do I use MYODIVE SONICTM MASSAGE GUN most:
1. Neck and Shoulder. Working on my laptop over a long period, I easily get stiffness around my neck and shoulder. Other than stretching, the MYODIVE helped me to ease the stubborn stiffness during the long break.

Shoulder Massage
2. My lower back. Another area that gets stiff after a long period on the chair. It is hard to reach this area on my own, so I need LD’s help with this.

Lower Back Massage
3. My thigh. This helps to reduce my post-exercise muscle soreness.

So, how much does this great gadget cost? The regular price is $284 and it is currently on sale at $199. This includes 30-day risk-free trial, 1.5 year warranty, free shipping in Singapore and free return & exchanges within 30 days. You can purchase MYODIVE SONICTM MASSAGE GUN from their website or click here.

CBK Verdict: I am loving it. It is light, powerful, easy to use and it looks sleek. If you are looking for a massage gun, you must strongly consider MYODIVE SONICTM MASSAGE GUN!

Thank you very much to MYODIVE team for the offer. For more information, you can visit

105 Sims Avenue
Singapore 387429

M: +65 9180 4209

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