Friday 4 January 2013

Relish @ My Village – Healthy Western Brunch close to home [CLOSED]

My Village @ Serangoon Garden is one of the place that me and my other half like to visit because of its close proximity to our home and the quality of the food establishments in the building. This time around, after our cousin's wedding tea ceremony in the morning, the whole cousins gang decided to have a brunch at Relish. We tried Relish @ Cluny Court Bukit Timah last year and left with a positive impression on the food, so we are quite sure that the food here won't disappoint as well.

Located on the 2nd floor corner, in between DBS Privilege Banking office and Shin Kushiya. Although a little secluded, but they turn this to their advantage with open dining concept, where people from the outside can actually see through what the patrons inside the restaurant and what they are dining. If they need privacy, they can put down the curtains. During the day, there a lots of natural light to shine the bistro that it can get away without turning on any lights. There are two blackboards, one near the entrance of the restaurant that contain a brief description of the menu and another one on top of the service counter that contain other specials.

The Entertaining Menu Board

Since we are not that hungry after the morning snacks, we decided to only order Relish Breakfast Platter & The Breakfast Burger. For Drinks we ordered Cafe Latte, and Ice Lemon Tea. So how's the food?

Ice Lemon Tea and Latte

The Breakfast Burger $18.90 – comes with homemade apple and pork patty, cheese, omelette, baked beans (sub with fries), and sautéed mushrooms. You can say this is the healthy version of a proper burger / muffin. The patties is juicy, the omelette is nicely cook, properly melted cheese with a dash of vinaigrette and baby spinach to balance up the burger. I substitute my baked beans with nicely cooked fries, because as what grouchy Smurf will say “I hate bake beans”. The sautéed mushroom is a bit dry for my liking though. I rate this dish 7.5/10.

The Breakfast Burger
Relish Breakfast Platter $18.90 – comes with toasted muffins, sausages, scramble eggs, baked beans and sautéed mushroom. It is a nicely presented dish, with the eggs more towards the wet side. The sausage / bratwurst is juicy, but I feel we were a bit short-change on the muffin. The sauteed mushroom is the same as the burger and I have no comment on the baked beans. I rate this dish 7/10.

Relish Breakfast Platter

The latte is good, but not fantastic. While the ice lemon tea is refreshing and generous in its serving. I took a quick snap at my Brother-In-Law order of Caesar Salad. I did not manage to try it, but from the look of the perfectly cooked the boiled egg, it looks yummyyy. I'll definitely try it next time.

Caesar Salad

Service staff here is attentive but slow due to insufficient manpower. When the bistro starts to fill up, you can see that the service staff started to get overwhelm. The same can be said with the kitchen, you will expect a good waiting time before your food come. Anyway, if you come here for brunch and to catch up with your friends, I am sure you won't mind the waiting time.


Overall, if you are around Serangoon Garden area and looking to do a lazy brunch on Saturday or Sunday, you can drop by at Relish. I like their casual atmosphere and the light hearted attitude like what they put in on the board. With a quote like: “Save water, drink Beer” or “Cakes, depends on the pastry chef's mood (temperamental chap)”; What can go wrong? If it does goes wrong, smile and laugh it off ...ho..ho..ho.. :)

Food & Drink: 7.5/10
Value: 7/10
Service: 6/10
Ambiance: 8/10

1 Maju Avenue #02-07/09
My Village at Serangoon Garden
Tel: +65 6634 3422

Operating Hours:
Weekdays: Monday to Friday
Lunch : 12 noon till 3pm (last order @ 2.30pm)
Dinner : 6.00pm till 10pm (last order @ 9.30pm)

Weekends: Saturday & Sunday
Whole Day Brunch : 11am – 9.30pm (last order @ 9.30pm)

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