Sunday 22 January 2017

Celebrate CNY 2017 with Boruto [MEDIA INVITE]


Boruto is a new concept Japanese modern kitchen plus Japanese Sake Bar. It is a sister restaurant of Tamashii Robataya, one of the few Robatayaki restaurant in Singapore. Unlike its sister restaurant, Boruto served Asian fusion, predominately using Japanese ingredients to go with their extensive list of Sake.

Boruto Japanese Sake Bar

The unit at Golden Castle Building that is occupied by Boruto, used to be a bank. The first floor is the Tapas Bar, complete with the view of its open kitchen. The second floor is the sake bar, mostly focus on drinks, a bit of bar bites and extensive display of sake in fridge and as well as their cold room Vault. Yup, they keep their sake in a vault complete with a security device, the vault was left by the previous tenant, so for the fun of it, they have reused the vault for their expensive bottles of sakes.

The Vault at Boruto

Sake Fridge in the Vault

Sake Collection in the Vault

While waiting for all our group to arrive, we nibbled on Sake Kawa Senbei ($8.80). It is a crispy salmon skin tossed with sea salt & chili powder. Solid crispy salmon skin, delicately seasoned and a good bar food dish.

Sake Kawa Senbei

To celebrate the year of the Rooster, Boturo curated the Chinese New Year Japanese Truffle Infused Yu Sheng with Salmon & Yellowtail Sashimi ($68 for 3 to 5 pax). A beautifully plated Yu Sheng, drizzle with truffle infused oil plus golden pouch. The Yu Sheng is just delicate and refreshing, while the truffle infused oil accentuate the flavours of the salmon and yellow tail sashimi. A good start to our main meal.

Chinese New Year Japanese Truffle Infused Yu Sheng with Salmon & Yellowtail Sashimi

A bigger portion for 6 to 10 pax is available for $98. There is also Salmon Skin Yu Sheng ($48 for small, $68 for large) and Japanese abalone Yu Sheng ($98 for small, $168 for large).

Kani Croquettes ($12.80). A Blue crab meat croquette with sweet corn & poached onions, black garlic mayo. According to Chef Angus Chow, Boruto does not use any milk or cream in their croquette. This bite size croquettes has a crispy exterior to protect the creamy fillings. For me, it tasted like eating the crab roe from the female crab. Yum Yum.

Kani Croquettes

Kani Croquettes - The fillings

Hotaru Ika “Chai Tao Kuek” ($12.80). Loligo squid sautéed with garlic, poached onions, Japanese pickles & egg. Tender and springy squids well coated with generous amount of eggs. Not your regular Chai Tao Kueh though.

Hotaru Ika “Chai Tao Kuek”

Madai a la Plancha ($15.80). A Grilled sea bream with red miso broth, Shiitake & minced pork. The firm texture of the sea bream provided a good protein to absorbs the red miso broth. The cherry tomato added acidity to the dish, together with a earthy shiitake mushroom.

Madai a la Plancha

Black Barley + Uni ($35.80). Definitely a very creative creation and a more healthy version of risotto. I experienced variety of texture in my mouth from the crunchy barley, springy and tender octopus plus the creamy velvety texture of the uni. A marriage between Japanese and Italian cuisine. Two thumbs up for creativity, however it can be an acquired taste.

Black Barley + Uni

Black Barley + Uni

Roasted Pork Shoulder 1.6kg ($88.80). For those suckling pig lover like me, this is a must try dish.
Perfectly roasted Zaragoza pork shoulder, with paper thin crackling. The meat is just tender and succulent without any hint of gaminess. The truffled green tomato chutney complement the meat nicely while the salad with balsamic dressing below the pork provided enough acidity to balance the fattiness in the piggy. Absolutely Gorgeous!!

Roasted Pork Shoulder 1.6kg

It is so much better than most Spanish suckling pig in most of Spanish restaurant in Singapore. The portion is good for 4 or more. To avoid any disappointment, please order in advance.

Roasted Pork Shoulder 1.6kg - Ready to Eat

Our carbo fixed for the night is Truffle Hiyashi Somen ($15.80). Cold somen tossed with confit egg yolk & shio konbu, topped with truffle molecules & sakura ebi. A smooth and springy noodle, well infused with truffle. The sakura ebi added a clean salty taste with chewy texture, while the truffle molecules give this dish a crunch and caviar feel to it. A good end of the dish. *Please note that the shave truffle is not part of this dish, just an extra Ompph by Chef Angus Chow on the night.

Truffle Hiyashi Somen

Dessert was Truffle Crème Brûlée ($8.80). A smooth, solid, lightly truffle infused crème brûlée with a crackling sugar glaze on top. Warabi Mochi ($6.80). A more subtle flavoured desserts, slightly chewy and well coated with soy bean flavour.

Truffle Crème Brûlée

Warabi Mochi

Ambiance of the restaurant in intimate and cosy, accompanied with good jazz music at the background. Good place to relax and chilled with your friends while you feast upon the food and drink.

Overall, we were well overdosed by truffle in a good sense. The creativity of team at Boruto really impressed me. The Roasted Pork Shoulder, Truffle Hiyashi Somen, Kani Croquttes and Yu Sheng is a must try here. Kanpai!! Cheers!!

Thank you Msginginly, Head Chef Angus Chow and his team at Boruto for the tasting invitation.

Food & Drink: 8.75/10
Value: 7.5/10
Service: N/A (Tasting Invitation)
Ambiance: 7.75/10
Budget per Person: $26 - $50; $51 - $80

80 South Bridge Road
#01-01. Golden Castle.
Singapore 058710

T: +65 6532 0418
IG: @borutosingapore
Mon – Sat
Tapas Bar (First Level): 18.00 – 23.00, LO 22.30
Sake Bar (Upper Level): 16.30 – Midnight, LO 23.30
Happy Hour: 16.30 – 19.30
Closed on Sundays

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