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How to keep clean drains in your kitchen?

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Leftovers, cooking oil and other debris that go down the drain can clog the pipes and cause a whole host of plumbing problems in your kitchen. A sure way to keep clean drains in your kitchen is to be careful what you put down the drain and get accustomed to a few good practices.

Do not throw everything down the drain

You should avoid throwing everything down the drain when you wash the dishes. You can start by collecting the cooking oil in a disposable recipient instead of letting it go down the drain when you wash your skillet, wok, or other pans. Secondly, you should do the same for coffee grounds.

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While having a garbage disposal helps get rid of unwanted debris, the use of a sink strainer or drain-grate is recommended to cover the opening of the drain and thus reduce the number of leftovers that go down the drain.

When you move into a new house you might want to consider doing a thorough plumbing inspection, make the necessary repairs and even replace your kitchen sink, if needed.

Tips for cleaning clogged drains

A tip on how to clear clogged drains in Singapore is to use home-made cleaning agents. This can be a tablespoon of baking soda, simply cast down the drain and washed with hot water. Baking soda not only cleans but it also absorbs unwanted smells and it can be combined with white wine vinegar for improved efficiency. 

Baking Soda

Strong cleaners like chlorine bleach can be an option for cleaning clogged pipes. You can also use this substance as a preventive measure, once a month, by pouring approximately ten ounces down the drain at night, once you have stopped using the kitchen sink.

Stronger Cleaners

The types of pipes you have in your kitchen will ultimately determine what types of cleaners you can use. For example, PVC or copper pipes are considered more resistant compared to older iron pipes. A plumber in Singapore can help you clear the kitchen sink drainpipes and solve any plumbing problems that might have appeared because of clogged, messy drainpipes.

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