Thursday 2 November 2017

[CLOSED] Long Jiang Chinos – Chinese Cuisine in Serene Environment [MEDIA INVITE]

Long Jiang Chinos

Long Jiang Chinos ('LJC') is a Chinese restaurant established by Long Jiang Culinary, an F&B group that has years of experience in the culinary industry. They are the main curator of F&B delights in Singapore Turf Club.

Located in quaint and serene ORTO in Yishun, LJC provides a unique dining experience in the North part of Singapore. It has an alfresco dining concept and most of the dining area faces the lake. The huge outdoor air circulator and cooling system will ensure you still dine in comfort during those hot and stuffy days. It is a good dining destination, within a close distance to Yishun heartland that re-live the Kampung spirit.

Fish Skin with Salted Egg Yolk

We kick start the tasting with Baby Squid ($14). A favourite entrée in seafood restaurants in Singapore. The little squid is deep fried till crispy and tossed with the sweet sauce that normally made from honey, light soy sauce, and dark soy sauce. It is delicious and you can't stop munching it.

Baby Squid

Fish Skin with Salted Egg Yolk ($8.80) and Crispy Fried Har Chou ($12 for 8 pcs). It is actually two separate dishes, the kitchen put them together to make it look big. The fish skin is crispy topped with fluffy powdery salted egg yolk. The Har Chou is crisp with solid and generous fillings. I find both of this dishes actually complement each other nicely.

Crispy Fried Har Chou with Fish Skin with Salted Egg Yolk

Seafood Hotpot ($128 good for 4 to 5 pax). The signature dish of LJC. The whole Soon Hock fish is simmered on a bed of cabbage with other live seafood such as prawns, clams, and squid with chicken stock.

Seafood Hotpot

All the seafood ingredients are fresh. You can taste the firmness and sweetness in the prawns, while the clams and squid have it natural springiness in it. As the fish is cooked on the bed of cabbage, it only touched the stock a little bit so it was not overcooked. The combination of ginger and garlic on top of the fish, add another zip of flavour to this dish. Once you mixed the ginger and garlic combo to the soup, it will warm up your stomach with each slurp of the broth. A good dish to consume during the rainy season, or any time of the year.

Seafood Hotpot,cooked on the table

Stir Fried Fine Beans & Crispy Shredded Yam in Guangzhou Style ($14). Crunchy fine beans topped with crisp shredded yam. LJC added lap cheong into this dish to perk up the taste and texture at the same time.

Stir Fried Fine Beans & Crispy Shredded Yam in Guangzhou Style

Rojak Chicken ($16). Crispy, succulent deep fried chicken topped with Rojak sauce. The prawn paste sauce is just irresistible. Yum Yum.

Rojak Chicken

Cheesy Crab Bee Hoon with Crab Roe ($44.80). This dish uses 2 female mud crabs, similar to the Indonesian version of mud crabs. The broth is a fusion between a robust stock with creaminess from the cheese. The bee hoon did well to soaks up the full flavour of this dish while maintaining its texture. The crabs are sweet and love the roe in the crab shell.

Cheesy Crab Bee Hoon with Crab Roe

Cheesy Crab Bee Hoon with Crab Roe

Dessert was Yam Paste with Ginkgo Nuts ($12 - small). We were stuffed almost to the brim, so we decided to go for a small version of this dessert. The yam paste is soft, smooth but you can still taste the fiber from the yam, which is good. The pumpkin and ginkgo give this dish a contrasting flavour and texture. Definitely one of the better Orh Nee I ever tried.

Yam Paste with Ginkgo Nuts

Overall, Long Jiang Chinos offer a unique dining experience with Kampong atmosphere. The seafood are fresh, the price is reasonable and it tasted great as well. Definitely, a must try place in Yishun. Cheers!!

Thank you very much to Ivan Teh Runningman and Long Jiang Chinos Team for the tasting invitation.

Food & Drink: 8/10
Value: 8/10
Service: N / A (Tasting Event)
Ambiance: 8/10
Budget per Person: $26 - $50

Long Jiang Chinos
81 Lorong Chencharu
#01-06/07 ORTO
Singapore 769198

T: +65 6757 7887
IG: @Longjiangchinos
OH: Daily 11.30 – 14.00; 17.30 – 22.00

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