Monday 27 November 2017

Garang Grill – Singaporean Grill Concept

Garang Grill

Garang Grill is a pop-up concept by the folks from New Ubin Seafood. Offering Singaporean style grill experience. The pop-up store was only supposed to open for 3 months, but the response was so good that they extend for three more months; and finally, they just decided to make it permanent. Last I heard, they are going to open the second branch as well. Well, they must have done something right isn't it?

Garang is a Malay word that means fierce or powerful. So Garang Grill means fierce or powerful grill. Are we expecting some blackened steak like Florentine steak?

From Pop Up to Permanent

Location wise, it is hidden somewhere in Siglap and Bedok. As a car owner, I already find this place difficult to locate, I really have no idea how the people taking the bus or MRT can get there.

We started the dinner with Chilled Angelhair Uni ($16). It used to be on the permanent menu, however, this time around it has been shifted to the special board. Rolled chilled pasta, coated with olive oil, served with Uni and Tobiko. You have to eat the three ingredients at one go so you can get the creamy texture from the Uni, salty popping flavour from the tobiko and al-dente pasta. I personally find it needs a touch of salt or umami, to make this dish Omph!!

Chilled Angelhair Uni

Grilled Portobello ($8) A side dish that you must order. Big in size, juicy, succulent with the lovely mushroom chewiness. It is grilled with smoked sea salt and it is just perfect. Yum Yum.

Grilled Portobello 

USDA Prime Ribeye 500 gram ($90) served with Garang Rice. We asked for medium rare and it is served as per order. The outer part is charred, crisp and dark while the internal part is meaty and succulent. For USDA Prime Ribeye, we found the marbling of the steak is uneven, you don't even get the melt in your mouth feel and some part of the meat is chewier than the other.

USDA Prime Ribeye 500 gram

The Garang Rice is based on the popular heart attack fried rice in New Ubin Seafood. Here, they up the ante by adding chilli padi inside the fried rice. So watch out for those mini landmines.

Garang Rice

Guinness Pulled Lamb Pasta ($22). The lamb is definitely cooked over a long period and it is pulled apart afterwards. The sourness from the Guinness really outshine in this dish and it definitely not for everyone's taste buds. Unfortunately, the pasta was overcooked on the night, depriving it of the al-dente bite in this dish. The poached egg is there to bind the dishes together, but it simply failed in its job. Only order this if you are a Guinness lover.

Guinness Pulled Lamb Pasta

Guinness Pulled Lamb Pasta

Togarashi Pearl Corn ($10). Another side kick dish that is awesome. The combo of the charred and natural sweetness of the corn is just delicious. Yum Yum. We consider this as our dessert.

Togarashi Pearl Corn 

For those whole like their beer, there is a 1 for 1 promotion for draft Guinness and Kirin Beer on the tap.

Kirin Beer
For Little Devil and Monkey Boy

Service is friendly and efficient. The décor is simple and minimalist, almost like your neighbourhood cafe. The downside of is that the place can be very loud when you have inconsiderate guest seating at the next table and talk like they own the place. I definitely miss the signature ceiling egg trays in New Ubin Seafood that absorbs the sound.

Overall, Garang Grill tried to showcase their unique Singaporean Grill cuisine. Their grilled items are definitely a must try here, although surprisingly the sides are so much better than the main attraction. So if you are looking for something different, do give this place a try. Cheers!!

Food & Drink: 7.25/10
Value: 6.75/10
Service: N/A (Tasting Invitation)
Ambiance: 7/10
Budget per Person: $26 - $50; $51 - $80.

Garang Grill
15 Swan Lake Avenue
Singapore 455711

T: +65 9245 0184
IG: @Garanggrill
Tue: 18.00 – 22.30
Wed – Sun: 11.30 – 15.00; 18.00- 22.30
Closed on Monday

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