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The Three Peacocks – Open Air BBQ Experience

The Lobsters

The Three Peacocks at Labrador Park is an outdoor dining destination for those charcoal BBQ lovers. My first encounter with this open fire charcoal BBQ is at New Rod Fai Night Market in Bangkok, where they sell the seafood BBQ. At The Three Peacocks ('TTP') the menu goes beyond seafood and they incorporate the flavours of Western, Korean and Thai cuisines.

Part of The Dining Area

TPP is located in the green open area at Labrador Park. It is an open-air barbecued buffet restaurant, where you can enjoy extensive of offerings under the beautiful sky. Once you are seated, the service staff will bring the table BBQ pit, loaded with charcoal and you are ready to proceed with your BBQ. As it is an open-air environment, expect your clothes to be smelly at the end of the dining session here.

Charcoal BBQ

Charcoal BBQ with Mash

Top of the list for BBQ here is their lobster. Each person allowed to claim one each. Bring your payment receipt to the fish tanks area to claim your lobster. The lobster will take a long time to BBQ, and you need to keep an eye on it so it does not get overcooked. It is better that you don't cook them all at once.

Lobsters on Fire

Prawns and Bamboo clams are highly recommended by me. When you put it on the mash, the clams will be the first one to be cooked, following that are the prawns. They both taste springy, juicy and fresh. I ate it without any sauce. There are some dipping sauce you can choose from, but it looks like everyone is going for the homemade chilli sauce.


Bamboo Clams

TTP also have crabs, crayfishes, oysters, scallops, salmon fish, stingray and other seafood as well. The offering is very extensive, it just depends on what you like. I personally don't like BBQ oysters, so I go for crayfishes instead.

Crayfishes & Pork Belly

Crayfish Meat


For the meat, it is marinated in Korean and Thai flavour. They offer thick cut pork belly, marinated beef short ribs, pork bulgogi, spicy pork. The meat is good to be grilled with direct fire, unfortunately, if you are a clean freak, the black colour mash from extensive BBQing will definitely turn you off. You can get aluminium foil to cover the mash, but it is almost useless as the food easily sticks on it and need to be replaced frequently.

Part Seafood Selections

Two meat items that you must try are the thick cut pork belly and the marinated beef ribs. Both are surprisingly good and the beef short ribs succulent and well marinated. Best if you grilled it on the open fire, on the mash, without the aluminium foil.

For the side dishes, they have choices of crab sticks, fishcakes, balls, mushrooms, corns, onions and crab claws. We BBQ the mushroom on the aluminium foil with lots of margarine on it.

Side Dishes

The cooked food is definitely extensive. It includes braised chicken wings, braised prawns and clams, fried rice, fried chicken wings, spring rolls, beancurd skins, hot dogs in tomato sauce, salad, fried mantou and french loaf.

Cooked Food Part 1

Cooked Food Part 2

Cooked Food Part 3

We top up our buffet with free flow of drinks. It has a very good selection, including coke zero, sarsi, ice cream soda. Although they recommend Thai Milk tea as their signature drink, I don't recommend it. Stick with the bottled drinks.

Overall, if you are someone that enjoys outdoor BBQ, you definitely should give this place a try. Another plus point is that you can stay as long as you want, there is no time limit on the seating even on the weekend. Cheers!!

Food & Drink: 6.75/10
Value: 7.25/10
Service: 7/10
Ambiance: 6,5/10
Budget per Person: $26 - $50.

The Three Peacocks
8 Port Road
Labrador Park
Singapore 117540

T: +65 9851 1802
IG: #Thethreepeacocks
OH: Daily 17.30 – 01.00
$38+ per pax for Seafood & Meat BBQ Buffet
$3.99+ for Free Flow Drinks (Thai Milk Tea, Soft Drinks and Cordial Drinks)

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