Sunday 17 November 2019

The Famous Kitchen – Delicious Food in Sembawang [MEDIA INVITE]

Lobster Braised with Bee Hoon
The Famous Kitchen (“TFK”) is a casual family-style restaurant located in Sembawang. It specialises in Nanyang Cuisine and Seafood offerings, based on Teochew, Hokkien and Cantonese culture assimilated into Southeast Asia. You can also find other dishes inspired by owner Jeffery Foo’s travel around China. As Singaporeans are well-travelled, our palate will be acceptable to different types of cuisine.

Collectors Items to Welcome You

We started our tasting with Grilled Pork Collar Meat (香烤猪颈肉 - $18). The pork collar is tender, succulent and well-seasoned. The yam is crispy and crunchy. The dish is a bit on the salty side, good as a beer side dish or eaten with rice.

Grilled Pork Collar Meat

Grilled Pork Collar Meat

Bamboo Clams with Garlic and Glass Noodles (竹蚌- seasonal price). Fresh and well cooked. The bamboo clams are steamed with glass noodle and minced garlic as toppings. It is fresh, springy. The glass noodle soaks up the soya sauce plus the sweetness of the bamboo clams. Yummy.

Bamboo Clams with Garlic and Glass Noodles 

Crispy Leaves Kai Lan (脆叶芥兰 -$16 (S), $24(M), $32 (L)). I would say this is Kai Lan in two ways. First, the leaves are finely chopped and deep-fried. Resulting in a crispy leaf, like dried seaweed texture. Instead of sweet, the deep-fried process extracts a good bitter flavour from the kai lan. The stem is stir-fried briefly to retain its crunchiness. The fragrant aroma from this dish also comes from the crispy fried garlic topping. A creative creation.

Crispy Leaves Kai Lan 

Lobster Braised with Bee Hoon (龙虾焖米粉 - seasonal price). A dish that WOW us that night. The bee hoon is smooth, silky and absorbs the amazing seafood broth and essence. The lobster flesh is cooked to perfection and easily peel off from the exoskeleton. Not forgetting the fresh subtle leek that is an integral part of this dish. LD and I can have this dish every day. Yum Yum.

Lobster Braised with Bee Hoon

Lobster Braised with Bee Hoon

Chilli Crab (辣椒螃蟹 - seasonal price). Each seafood restaurant in Singapore will have its own version of chilli crab. The version here is on the spicy side. A female crab is used here, so it comes with abundance of the delicious crab roe. The sauce absorbs into the flesh, it has a velvety texture from the eggs plus a bit of tanginess on top of spicy chilli sauce.

Chilli Crab

Chilli Crab

Of course, to polish up the delicious chilli crab sauce is the crispy and fluffy fried mantou.

Fried Mantou

Oven-baked Volcano Chicken (火山烤鸡, advance order required -$58 for whole). This chicken dish sure knows how to make a grand entrance to the table. Standing upright, the chicken is doused with hard liquor (whiskey, rum or rose wine) and set alight. It created a superb WOW factor, looks like a phoenix on fire and the fragrant aroma of the burning alcohol is very appetizing.

Once the show is over, it is brought back to the kitchen to be chopped. The skin is lightly crisp, while the flesh is juicy and succulent, especially the breast part. To accompany the chicken is ginger and spring onion paste, which complement the chicken nicely.

Oven-baked Volcano Chicken

Oven-baked Volcano Chicken - Chopped

Rendang (仁当排骨 $16(S), $24(M), $32 (L)). Pork Rendang to be exact. Fragrant, aromatic, thick, spicy and delicious rendang gravy infused into the juicy yet bouncy flesh. If I did not see the bones of the pork, it can easily be mistaken for beef. A dish that must be eaten with rice (a “Rice Thief” dish).

Pork Rendang

Note: Pork Rendang dish is off the menu item and not available daily. Please check with the service staff when ordering.

For the sweet ending, I ordered Chilled Empress Cocktail Jelly (香妃果冻 - $4.50 per serving). Cold, sweet and refreshing. A nice ending to the meal and also good to put out the last fiery moment from the rendang.

Part of Outdoor Dining Area

Live Seafood 

The restaurant is spacious and it has an indoor and outdoor dining area. There is limited parking space, however, the restaurant offers valet service. If you like your alcohol, keep a lookout for the outdoor drinking, FAMOUSH HANGOUT area which offer extensive a variety of craft beers and hard liquors. Grand opening on 20th November 2019.

Hard Liquor Collection - Indoor

Overall, The Famous Kitchen is one of the places to go for delicious seafood and Nanyang cuisine in the North area. The Lobster Braised with Bee Hoon, Bamboo Clams with Garlic and Glass Noodles, Oven-baked Volcano Chicken and Pork Rendang are a must-try here. Cheers!!

The Famous Kitchen also has a sister restaurant, The Famous Treasure at Capitol Piazza. For full review and details of The Famous Treasure, you can click thislink.

Thank you very much to  Jennifer and The Famous Kitchen Team for hosting us.

Food: 8/10
Value: 7.5/10
Service: N/A (Tasting Invitation)
Ambiance: 7.25/10
Budget per Person: $51 - $80; $81 & Above

The Famous Kitchen
54 Sembawang Road
#01-01 Hong Heng Mansions
Singapore 779085

T: +65 6636 8333 / 6257 1843
IG: @Thefamouskitchen
OH: 11.30 – 14.30; 17.30 – 22.30 Daily.

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