Thursday 4 February 2021

How to Stretch Your Dining Dollar at IKEA Singapore

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When you enter IKEA Singapore, you must brace yourself for a long, harrowing journey. You’ll traverse vast plains of pillows and particle boards, surmount towers of glassware, and puzzle your way through labyrinths of mood lighting before you can emerge victorious at the checkout aisle.

IKEA is probably best known for two things: its cheap flat-pack furniture with pretty much impossible-to-pronounce names, and its affordable cafeteria that serves pretty much an endless stream of meatballs.

But there is even more food available in IKEA that can’t be found at the store’s restaurant. Each IKEA actually has its very own food market filled with an incredible assortment of Swedish treats, from smoked seafood to fancy jams, that you can take home and serve on your new table (if you ever figure out how to build it).

Order an Appetizer, Not an Entree

The next time you dine out, look at your plate and think about these portion amounts:

● Half of your plate should be vegetables
● A quarter of your plate should be starch like potatoes, rice, or pasta
● A quarter of your plate should be protein/meat

Alternatively, you can use your hand as a guide. Your palm is equal to roughly 3 ounces of meat. Now clench your hand into a fist and look at the front part where your fingers are. This area is equal to ½ cup, which is how much starch you should be eating. Finally, rotate your fist so that you are looking at your palm and fingers, this is equal to 1 cup, which is how much vegetables you should be eating. After keeping these measurements in mind, you will see that eating just an appetizer should be enough to make you full.

Drink Water

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, you can purchase refill drinks when you dine-in in IKEA Singapore. However, this is no longer the case. Instead of purchasing those sugar-loaded drinks, DRINK WATER. It’ll save you money, while you’ll stay healthy in the process.

Consider Convenience Foods

Saving money doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice flavour. IKEA’s food market has plenty of convenient yet delicious food that’s simple to prepare as well! Pre-seasoned frozen vegetables, snack-sized packs and bakery sweets save a little more at home, and you can definitely save big with IKEA Singapore.

What You Can Buy in IKEA Singapore

RÖSTI Potato Fritters
RÖSTI is a traditional potato dish that is often served with various meat, poultry, and fish dishes today. It is recommended that we eat it together with typical Swedish flavours such as fried pork and lingonberry jam. RÖSTI is made from raw or boiled potatoes which are fried to about ⅜” thick potato fritters. IKEA’s RÖSTI are pre-fried, so all you need to do is heat them up in a frying pan or oven, and then simply enjoy the taste!

Sylt Hjortron Organic Cloudberry Jam
While supermarkets are jam-packed (pun intended) with strawberry and raspberry products, you’ll rarely find foods flavoured with cloudberries. The tart berry‒which has a much cooler name than most berries‒is a Swedish favourite, and is often used to make jams. Luckily, you don’t have to go to Sweden to buy a jar, IKEA’s got you covered. Enjoy the jam with meatballs for a sweet-and-savoury treat.

Dryck Lingon Lingonberry Syrup
This pick is for all the LaCroix lovers out there. Combine this lingonberry syrup with sparkling or soda water for a delicious alternative to traditional soda. When you’re sick of drinking Apricot LaCroix, consider this tart, refreshing Swedish-style drink made with lingonberries (it’s like a cranberry, but popular in Scandinavia). Not to mention that it’s high in antioxidants as well!

Munsbit Snacks
For those long days walking around IKEA’s endless showrooms, a trail mix is just what you need to stay alert. Meet Munsbit, or snack packs of roasted nuts and dried fruit. The most satisfying option? A bag of dry-roasted cashews, almonds, organic dried apple, and dried blueberries. Keep a pack in your car during your daily commute.

KÖTTBULLAR Swedish Meatballs
If you’ve ever had a craving for IKEA’s famous meatballs, but never wanted to drive to a store, find parking miles away, and then wait in line to buy them, the 2lb freezer bag full of meatballs is perfect for you. Plate this classic Swedish dish with equally Swedish eats like lingonberry jam and cream sauce (both are available in stores, too). Or you could just zap them in the microwave and douse them in chilli or tomato sauce if you’re feeling lazy.

Hope you enjoy your dining experience in IKEA Singapore or with IKEA Singapore.

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