Friday 5 July 2019

MHR – M Brew and M Wines [MEDIA INVITE]

M Brew - Limited Edition Bottle

Millennium Hotels and Resorts (MHR) has launched M Brew and M Wines at glitz and glamour showcase at Beast & Butterflies, M Social Hotel. M Brew and M Wines will be available exclusively at its six Singapore properties under MHR.

M Brew is brewed in Singapore by Archipelago Brewery, best known for their cheekily named beers inspired by Singapore. Infused with familiar local flavour pandan emulsion, M Brew is a balanced beer with coconut and caramel with vanilla liked pandan finishing taste. A Signature flavours of Singapore and Southeast Asia.

M Brew from the Tap

M Wines consist of two brand new house pours consist of Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc. Both wines originated from Australia’s Borunga Hill Estate in New South Wales.

M Wines - Cabernet Sauvignon

M Wines - Sauvignon Blanc

We had fun pairing the delicious food curated for this event such as: Crispy Pork Knuckle from Beast & Butterflies at M Social; Crispy Roasted Duck by Hua Ting Orchard Hotel; Charcoal Grilled Wagyu Beef Burger from The Orchard Café at Orchard Hotel; Octopus from Grissini at Grand Copthorne Waterfront; Butternut Lobster Bisque with VSOP from Café 2000 at M Hotel.

Crispy Roast Duck from Hua Ting

Greenland Halibut with White Wine Butter Cream Sauce
M Wines - Sauvignon Blanc

Since I cannot drink, LD is the tester for the M Brew and M Wine. LD feels that the Sauvignon Blanc is light and easy to drink, nicely paired with seafood and pasta. Meanwhile, the Cabernet Sauvignon has a more earthy woody flavour that is suitable for red meat and duck. For M Brew, you can have it with everything.

Charcoal Grilled Wagyu Beef Slider with M Brew

From 25 June to 31 July 2019, all six Singapore Millennium Hotel and Resort properties, including Orchard Hotel, Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, M Hotel, Studio M Hotel, M Social and Copthorne King’s Hotel will offer special introductory prices for M Brew and M Wine.

Chubby Botak Koala - Cheers!!

M Brew and M Wine – Special Introductory Price
When: 25 June to 31 July 2019
  • M Brew (S$10 for 330ml and S$13 for 500ml)
  • M Wine Cabernet Sauvignon (S$12 per glass and S$58 per bottle)
  • M Wine Sauvignon Blanc (S$12 per glass and S$58 per bottle)

Thank you very much to Gilbert and Grand Copthorne Waterfront Marcom team for hosting us.

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