Sunday 28 July 2019

SBCD – New Korean Puffer Fish Menu [MEDIA INVITE]

Puffer Fish Skin with Vegetables

On 15th July 2019, SBCD Korean Tofu House (‘SBCD’) officially launched its Korean Puffer Fish menu in Singapore. Puffer fish is known as a deadly delicacy in Japan, it was on top of my must-try list during my visit to Tokyo a few years back. It remains as one of my most treasure dining experience.

SBCD Korean Tofu House @ Tanjong Pagar Centre

The Korean puffer fish sold in SBCD is exported by K-Fish, the licensing brand established by Korea Fisheries Association. K-Fish license is given to safe and high-quality Korean fishery export products and supply partners that have passed rigorous procedures and strict evaluation standards of the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (MOF).

Korea Fisheries Association Manager Mr Park Sang-Hoon

SBCD uses many Korean fishery products in their recipes as Korea is known to have some of the best marine biodiversity in the world. K-Fish products used in SBCD include cockles, seaweed, yellow fish and puffer fish. Korean Puffer Fish, known as bokeo in Korean, is breed poison-free under domestic conditions. For SBCD, the bokeo will still go through stringent inspection for any unsafe parts and all parts that may contain trances of poison will be removed completely before being packed and frozen to Singapore.

Korean Puffer Fish

During the Media Preview, we sample 3 puffer fish dishes and other dishes from K-Fish line.  Spicy Puffer Fish Skin with Vegetables ($19.90). The skin of the puffer fish is springy and chewy. As the skin taste very bland, it is marinated with red pepper paste, vegetables and Korean parsley. It is normally eaten wrapped with seaweed or just with white rice.

Puffer Fish Skin with Vegetables

Puffer Fish Skin with Vegetables eaten with seaweed

Deep Fried Puffer Fish ($19.90). It has a crispy exterior, with moist and firm flesh internally. A dash of lemon will give a bit of zing to this dish. It is good to be eaten with rice. I feel you can add mayonnaise as a dipping sauce or make it as fish and chips for the kids’ meal.

Deep Fried Puffer Fish 

Deep Fried Puffer Fish 

Puffer Fish Bulgogi ($49.90). Cooked in the stone wok, with Korean bean sprouts, onions and Korean parsley. We were told that Korean parsley is normally used to neutralise any poison in the bokeo in Korea. It has a minty flavour like our version of “Tang Oh”. The first thing that surprise us is the red colour of the bulgogi, unlike the usual sweet and brown colour sauce found the in beef bulgogi. The flesh of the fish taste firm with spiciness from the marinade. The spiciness level of this dish is 4/5 on CBK spiciness ratings.

Puffer Fish Bulgogi 

Puffer Fish Bulgogi with Korean Parsley

Puffer Fish Bulgogi

Cockles Bibimbap ($24.90). Unlike the blood cockles we commonly found in our laksa or char kway teow, the Korean version is closer to clam. It tasted sweet, chewy and juicy and when you mixed it with your rice, the taste is just so appetizing that you will be asking for more.

Cockles Bibimbap 

Cockles Bibimbap 

Spicy Seafood Soontofu ($21.90). The soontofu is cooked with crab, prawns, clams and mussels from K-fish. It is absent of any fishy flavour and it brought out the sweetness in the stew. For a person that does not enjoy spicy stew, I have to admit I do like this version of soontofu.

Spicy Seafood Soontofu

Spicy Seafood Soontofu

Eomuk Korean Fishcake. The typical Korean fishcake, cooked on a stick. It is chewy and packs with fish flavour making it a pleasant snack. The Korean fishcake on a stick is not on SBCD menu, instead you can enjoy the fishcake in the Fishcake Soontofu ($21.90).

Eomuk Korean Fishcake

Eomuk Korean Fishcake

Not forgetting, the famous fried yellow fish served as side dishes in SBCD also supplied under K-Fish license. 

Fried Yellow Fish

Hot Stone Rice
Side Dishes / Banchan

Overall, LD and I enjoy these Korean puffer fish dishes plus the K-Fish products served in SBCD. I am glad to see puffer fish getting more recognition and I believe that through domestic farming, the non-poisonous puffer fish will be popular as well. On the downside, it cannot hold the title of deadly delicacy anymore. Check out the K-Fish selections in SBCD together with the famous puffer fish. Cheers!!

Puffer Fish Menu
Image Credit: SBCD Singapore

New Menu from July 2019
Image Credit: SBCD Singapore

Thank you very much to H3 (Cube) Pte Ltd team, SBCD Singapore and K-Fish for hosting us.

Food & Drink: 7.5/10
Value: 7/10
Service: N/A (Tasting Invitation)
Ambiance: 7.75/10
Budget per Person: $26 - $50

SBCD Korean Tofu House
7 Wallich Street
#B1-01&02, Tanjong Pagar Centre
Singapore 078884

T: +65 6386 6441
IG: @sbcdsingapore
OH: Daily 11.30 – 22.00

Other Outlet:
9 Raffles Boulevard
#01-114, Millenia Walk
Singapore 039586
T: +65 6873 6441
OH: Daily 11.30 – 22.00

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