Sunday 19 July 2020

Gaston Luga – A Backpack for Any Occasion [PRODUCT REVIEW]

Gaston Luga - PRÅPER - BLACK

The Gaston Luga backpacks are known to combine functionality with a stylish exterior. This Sweden brand drew inspirations from a traveller who customised his backpack to combine functionality with a stylish exterior.

For this Media Drop, I choose PRÅPER - BLACK model, it is a very neutral design suitable for both Men and Women.

Koko & Lala (from Team Probing Gaston Luga delivery

Once I place the order online at , the bag arrived within 1 week from the initial order. Gaston Luga office is located in Stockholm, Sweden. It does not have any physical retail outlet in Singapore; therefore, all transactions are done through their website. Each order will be dispatch through their regional warehouses. Gaston Luga offers Free Home Delivery & 30-day return on all items.

The Inner Packaging

My PRÅPER - BLACK in packed in a classy black outer box and place inside a black polyester pouch. There are also some mini touches such as paper wrapping on the strap and thick paper to maintain the shape of the bag. The packaging delivers the same feeling that you get when purchasing luxury products.

PRÅPER - BLACK - Backview

PRÅPER - BLACK model is made from PU leather and strong durable canvas. For the inner part of the back is lined with a red colour cloth with Gaston Luga prints. It fits my 15” laptop nicely, my 10-inch Kindle Fire, Nikon DSLR camera, extra lens, LED light and a powerbank. Check out what I fit in the bag during this test.

The Stuff

All In The Bag

Ok, I probably get a bit too carried away in stuffing this bag as the final weight is more than 7kg. This just to show how much space inside this PRÅPER. Don’t forget about the Gaston Luga Signature Passport Pocket at the back. Of course, you can put other important stuff inside if you are not putting your passport.

Gaston Luga Signature Passport Pocket

Gaston Luga Signature Passport Pocket

As I have broad shoulders and thick arms, I normally stretch my backpack straps to the limit, with PRÅPER, I still have a few holes to extend. Plus, the design of PRÅPER allows the bag to stand on its own nicely.

Taking my Gaston Luga for "Kai Kai"

While the backpack has many functional aspects, there are a few more functions that I hope that can be added. Such as extra compartments or pockets inside the bag. Plus, the canvas material allows white dust or dirt to easily stick to the bag.

Gaston Luga - PRÅPER - BLACK

Overall, I like the Gaston Luga PRÅPER - BLACK model. It is well built, well design, lots of space and comfortable. A nice travel companion to have. Cheers!!

How to buy your own Gaston Luga Backpack:
Where: Visit
Promo Code: <CBKOALA15> - 15% Off Coupon Code storewide.
- From now till 17 August, you will get one free tote bag with every purchase of a backpack.
- Free Delivery and 30 days return.

Thank you very much Gaston Luga for arranging the Media Drop.

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